• Acer Malaysia unveils new TravelMate laptops for business users.
  • Laptops boast AI capabilities for enhanced productivity and security.
  • TravelMate P6 14 is a premium option with a lightweight design.
  • TravelMate P4 series offers convertible and clamshell options.
  • TravelMate P2 series caters to budget-conscious businesses.

Acer Malaysia has introduced a lineup of advanced laptops designed to boost business productivity. The new Acer TravelMate series features the P6 14, P4 14, P4 Spin 14, and P2 14 laptops, all equipped with the latest advancements in AI technology.

AI for a Smoother Workflow

These laptops integrate the Acer TravelMate Sense application, a central hub for all AI features. Users can access functionalities like noise reduction and automatic scene optimization for video calls. Additionally, TravelMate Sense offers pre-defined workflows that adjust settings based on the task at hand, such as presentations or video editing.

Enhanced Performance and Security

The TravelMate series boasts powerful Intel Core Ultra processors for seamless multitasking and fast response times. The P6 14 takes the lead with Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity for swift data transfer. All laptops come with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for hardware-based security and are built with partly recycled materials, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

TravelMate P6 14: Premium Powerhouse

The TravelMate P6 14 caters to business leaders and executives. It packs a punch with a lightweight design (1.2kg) and the latest Intel Core Ultra 7 processor. This laptop offers long battery life and fast performance, making it ideal for on-the-go professionals.

TravelMate P4 Series: Adaptable Companions

The TravelMate P4 series offers both convertible (Spin 14) and clamshell (P4 14) options. These thin and light laptops provide flexibility for various work styles. The P4 Spin 14 allows users to switch between laptop and tablet mode with ease, while the P4 14 prioritizes a traditional laptop experience. Both models boast Intel Core Ultra processors and long-lasting batteries.

TravelMate P2 14: Budget-Friendly Choice

The TravelMate P2 14 is a cost-effective option for businesses. It utilizes the latest Intel Core processors for dependable performance in daily tasks. The P2 14 adheres to U.S. MIL-STD 810H standards for durability and comes in various configurations to cater to diverse business needs.

Beyond Laptops: The Acer CS272 Smart Monitor

In addition to the TravelMate laptops, Acer Malaysia also introduced the CS272 smart monitor. This 27-inch monitor boasts a Full HD IPS panel with a sleek, bezel-less design. It caters to users who want a simple and efficient solution for work or entertainment.

  • Enhanced Work Efficiency: The CS272 eliminates the need for a separate PC for basic tasks like conference calls or multimedia access. Users can connect an external webcam for video conferencing needs. Additionally, the monitor allows for remote work by enabling control of a work PC through an IP network.
  • Seamless Entertainment: WebOS integration provides access to a variety of streaming services, allowing users to enjoy movies, shows, and live sports directly on the monitor. The CS272 also supports wireless connectivity options like Apple AirPlay and Miracast, enabling users to project content from their smartphones, laptops, or PCs.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer TravelMate P6 14 starts at RM7,599 for the non-touchscreen version. The convertible TravelMate Spin P4 14 is priced at RM6,199, while the clamshell P4 14 starts at RM4,799.

The TravelMate P2 14 series ranges from RM3,799 to RM4,799, offering businesses flexibility based on their budget and specific requirements.

The CS272 Smart monitor is priced at RM999, an monitor with build-in WebOs providing unique bland of productivity and after work entertainment.

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