• Huawei announces its 5G-A technology roadmap focusing on greener networks, more connections, and deterministic experiences.
  • The focus areas include 3D antenna technology, differentiated experiences, full-time green solutions, and AI-powered networks.
  • Collaboration across the industry is seen as crucial for success in the 5G-A era.
  • 5G-A rollout is underway with over 60 operators commercially launching the technology.

During the 5G-A Industry Roundtable at MWC Shanghai 2024, Huawei presented its vision for the evolution of mobile networks from 5G to 5G-A. This roadmap emphasizes greener operations, increased network connectivity, and a more deterministic user experience.

Focus on Green Technology and Network Efficiency

Huawei’s approach to 5G-A involves long-term innovation in several key areas. First, they aim to create greener mobile networks through advancements in 3D extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technology. Additionally, full-time all-scenario green solutions will be a priority, optimizing network efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience and Network Capabilities

A core aspect of Huawei’s 5G-A strategy is delivering a differentiated user experience. This will be achieved through a combination of factors, including network capabilities that cater to diverse mobile applications. Deterministic experiences are another focus, ensuring consistent and reliable network performance.

AI Integration for Network Management and Growth

The proliferation of AI across various devices, from phones to cars, creates a demand for more capable networks. Huawei recognizes this and proposes AI-empowered networks as a solution. Integrating AI will enhance network management capabilities, enable the development of new services, and improve overall network quality.

Industry Collaboration for Shared Success

The vast potential of 5G-A hinges on collaboration across the telecommunications industry. Huawei emphasizes the importance of working together with global partners to build efficient, intelligent, and reliable networks. This collaborative effort will be instrumental in seizing the opportunities presented by AI within the 5G-A landscape.

5G-A Adoption on the Rise

The 5G-A industry is witnessing rapid growth. Over 60 operators have already commercially launched 5G-A services. This momentum is expected to continue with the large-scale deployment of 3CC technology, facilitating speeds of up to 5 Gbps for immersive experiences like online gaming and video entertainment.

Looking Ahead: 5.5G and Beyond

The future of mobile networks extends beyond 5G-A. Huawei anticipates the commercial launch of 5.5G technology in 2024, paving the way for gigabit optical networks. This next generation of networks will further enhance user experience and drive the pervasiveness of intelligent applications.

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