• Huawei sees 5.5G as the foundation for the mobile AI era.
  • The mobile AI era will bring significant changes in human-computer interaction, content generation, and mobile devices.
  • Huge data growth is expected due to AI and new interaction methods.
  • Networks need to adapt through “Networks for AI” and “AI for Networks” approaches.
  • Upgraded networks will enable innovative applications and business models in the mobile AI era.

David Wang, Huawei’s Executive Director, spoke at MWC Shanghai 2024 about the emerging mobile AI era and the role of 5.5G technology. He highlighted the significant changes this era will bring, including:

  • Shifting Human-Computer Interaction: Interaction will move beyond touchscreens to embrace natural language, gestures, and emotions.
  • Revolutionized Content Generation: AI will generate customized information on-demand, replacing traditional search methods.
  • Mobile Device Transformation: Smartphones will evolve into AI terminal assistants and embodied AI companions.

These changes will lead to explosive data growth, necessitating network upgrades. Huawei proposes a two-pronged approach:

  • Networks for AI: This involves enhancing network capabilities to support the demands of AI-powered applications, such as high bandwidth and low latency. Upgrading all frequency bands for a superior 5.5G experience is crucial.
  • AI for Networks: This focuses on leveraging AI to improve network management and efficiency. Huawei’s Telecom Foundation Model exemplifies this, accelerating the evolution towards autonomous networks.

The mobile AI era presents vast opportunities for network operators and businesses. Upgraded networks will enable:

  • A Stream of New Intelligent Applications: Consumers will experience a wider range of intelligent applications catering to diverse needs.
  • Monetization Beyond Data Traffic: Network operators can move from data-centric models to monetizing various user experiences.
  • Expansion of Intelligent Services in Industry: New services combining connectivity and AI will create fresh revenue streams for operators.

Huawei emphasizes collaboration across the industry to seize the potential of the mobile AI era. By building a strong network foundation with 5.5G, the industry can usher in a fully connected, intelligent world.

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