• YANGWANG Launches U9 Electric Supercar Priced at 1.68 Million RMB, Boasting 309.19 km/h Top Speed and Revolutionary Technologies. Delivery Starts this Summer.

BYD, a global leader in new energy vehicles, introduces the YANGWANG U9, the first pure electric supercar under its high-end brand. Priced at 1.68 million RMB, the U9 combines futuristic design, innovative technologies, and a powerful performance.

Distinctive Design and Pricing

Adopting the “Time Gate” design language, YANGWANG U9 boasts unique proportions, tension, and power, reflecting its identity as a pure electric supercar. Priced at 1.68 million RMB, the U9 is set to start deliveries this summer.

Revolutionary Technologies for Ultimate Performance

Powered by the e4 platform and the DiSus-X Intelligent Body Control System, the U9 seamlessly integrates track performance, street adaptability, and playful features. The e4 Platform features four independent electric motors, delivering 1,300 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1680N·m. The DiSus-X system enables adjustable suspension travel and peak lifting force, enhancing driving experience in various scenarios.

Unprecedented Performance Metrics

The U9 achieves a top speed of 309.19 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.36 seconds. It features a robust thermal management system, a Blade Battery for efficient discharging and cooling, and Dual Plug-in Ultra-fast charging technology. The U9 is equipped with active and passive aerodynamic packages, reducing drag coefficient and enhancing heat dissipation efficiency.

Intelligent Cabin and Superior Comfort

The U9 features the DiLink150 intelligent platform, offering track driving services and information on nearly 30 race tracks across China. Inside, the cockpit includes two 14-way adjustable seats, a Dynaudio Evidence Series high-end audio system, and an intelligent racing assistance for an immersive driving experience.

Innovation and Sustainability

YANGWANG’s U9 redefines the essence of a supercar with cutting-edge technologies, uncompromising safety, and an incomparable driving experience, aligning with BYD’s commitments to innovation and sustainability.

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