The portable monitor market is surging in popularity. Originally a niche product catering to Nintendo Switch gamers seeking a larger on-the-go display, portable monitors are now attracting a wider audience seeking additional screen real estate.

Today, we’re diving into our first foray into this category with a review of the Acer PM1 series, specifically the PM161QB model. This particular offering is geared towards users focused on productivity and content creation.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

Positioned at the sub RM500 market, the PM1 is among the most affordable branded portable monitor. We’ll be checking in on its features, color accuracy, and overall functionality to determine if too much are sacrificed for the price

Acer PM1 Overview:

Acer PM1 PM161PB

The Acer PM1 cuts a no-nonsense figure in the world of portable monitors. Its design leans towards simplicity, with a large matte-finish display dominating the front.

All controls are place on the right side, consisting of a single button, a rocker switch, and an audio jack.

Flipping the PM1 reveals its port selection on the right. Here, you’ll find two USB-C ports and a single HDMI port, providing flexibility for connecting to a variety of devices. Acer thoughtfully includes a folio cover with the PM1.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

This cover doubles as a kickstand, allowing for horizontal positioning. While the kickstand isn’t the most versatile, offering limited vertical adjustability, it’s magnetically attached and easily removable for different setups.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

On the back, the PM1 boasts two VESA mounting holes. It’s worth noting that the standard VESA mount typically utilizes four holes for maximum security. However, considering the lightweight nature of the PM1, these two holes offer a valuable mounting option for portable use.

Acer PM1 PM161PB


While the Acer PM1 boasts a large 15.6-inch FHD display with IPS panel, it’s important to temper expectations regarding HDR. While HDR10 compatibility sounds impressive, it’s actually fairly common for portable monitors and the PM1’s maximum brightness of 250 nits falls short of what’s required for true HDR.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

On a brighter note, the PM1 does feature AMD FreeSync technology, which can help to improve gaming performance by minimizing screen tearing and stuttering. This makes it more attractive option for users who might dabble in casual gaming on the go.


The Acer PM1’s on-screen display (OSD) reflects its overall design philosophy – simple yet well-organized. While customization options are limited, you’ll find the essentials like picture profiles, color settings, audio adjustments, input selection, and other basic configurations.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

Realistically, most users will likely only tinker with the color profile and HDR settings (if applicable for their content). The limited options make it clear that Acer targets users who prioritize ease of use over extensive customization.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

This approach makes the PM1 ideal for those who simply want to set up the monitor and get straight to work.

Acer PM1 Performance

56.9% sRGB

Our benchmarks revealed that the Acer PM1’s color coverage is somewhat limited. With a maximum of 56.9% on sRGB, 39.8% on Adobe RGB, and 40.9% on DCI-P3, it falls short of what serious content creators typically require for professional editing tasks.

39.8% Adobe RGB

That said, this level of color accuracy is sufficient for casual users who aren’t working with color-critical applications.

40.9% DCI-P3

Acer PM1 User experience

The Acer PM1 might not win any awards for flashy features, but it provide a simple and effective portable display solution. While the color gamut may seem limiting at first glance, it’s crucial to remember the target audience. This monitor shines for writers, programmers, and anyone who needs simple extra screen real estate a Full HD display offers.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

The additional screen space provided by the PM1 significantly boosts productivity potential. Plus, its versatility extends to its power options. You can power it with a single USB-C port, or even a simple USB 2.0 port in a pinch.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

This flexibility significantly reduces the hassle of finding a compatible power source. In fact, this review was written entirely using the Acer PM1! The lower color gamut wasn’t a hindrance when working with documents, as wasn’t a requirement for such tasks.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

The PM1’s focus on simplicity extends to its on-screen display (OSD). While customization options are limited, you’ll find the essentials like picture profiles, color settings, and basic configurations. This approach makes the PM1 ideal for those who prioritize a plug-and-play experience over extensive tinkering.

Overall, the Acer PM1 might not be ideal for professional content creators due to its color limitations. However, for users who prioritize productivity and a straightforward experience, the PM1 offers a compelling combination of portability, functionality, and ease of use.

Acer PM1 Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Acer PM1 carves out a niche in the portable monitor market by prioritizing user-friendliness and productivity. While boasting a large 15.6-inch Full HD display with an IPS panel and features like AMD FreeSync, its color gamut falls short of for serious demand. However, this isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker for its target audience.

Acer PM1 PM161PB

The PM1 shines for writers, programmers, and anyone who needs to extend their workspace with an additional screen. Its impressive versatility is further enhanced by its ability to be powered by a single USB-C port, even from USB 2.0 port. The simple and intuitive OSD ensures a frustration-free setup process, allowing users to get down to business quickly.

For users who prioritize a no-frills, functional solution that boosts productivity, the Acer PM1 is a strong recommendation. Pricing at the low price of RM459 officially It delivers exactly what it promises: a simple, portable display that empowers you to work effectively on the go.

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Acer PM1


The Acer PM1 isn't the most feature-rich portable monitor on the market, and its color accuracy won't impress professional content creators. However, for users who prioritize portability, a straightforward experience, and a boost in productivity, the PM1 delivers. With its user-friendly design, USB-C power options, and FHD display, the Acer PM1 is a compelling option for writers, programmers, and anyone who needs to work effectively on the go.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • FHD IPS display with good viewing angles
  • Can be power with USB 2.0
  • Straight forward OSD
  • Vesa mount, kinda
  • Limited color gamut
  • Kickstand can only do horizontal stand

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