Immediately after testing the Anker Sound Core AeroFit, the next on the line is the V30i. Both units share significant similarity in specifications like drivers, waterproof rating, codec, it is hard to tell both units apart on paper. So the question is, costing 50% less than the AeroFit, how much different is the 2 units?

Anker SoundCore V30i

In this review, we test the audio quality of the SoundCore V30i first and compare it to the AeroFit on any noticeable difference.

Anker SoundCore V30i Audio Quality


Oddly, unlike the thin layer of bass on the AeroFit, the V30i produces a decent amount of bass. I can hear strikes with strength and force, and it is generally well-detail and expressive. However, as far as open-ear earbuds go, the bass is strong enough to maintain harmony in songs, but often will still be overpowered by other frequencies. Word of advice do not attempt to push the bass too far, when pushed it could crack and break.

Listening to “Chop Suey” by System of A Down, the drum play was as prominent as any normal earbuds, having a decent enough push and strike. However, this would quickly be overshadow by the higher part of frequencies.


The mid-range would be the most prominent of the SoundCore V30i’s frequencies. It’s transparent, allowing other frequencies to travel through, while still having a strong presence to emphasize its prowess. One thing that sets it aside from the AeroFit is the mid-range in V30i is the dominating frequency, often pushing apart others for its own delivery. We also want to point out its range is noticeably limited when compared to the AeroFit, where sometimes vocals can feel dry or fatigued.

Wanting to have a clearer experience with V30i’s mid-range, we chose to listen to “The Last of the Mohicans” by Kasia Szubert. It is smooth with precision, gliding notes with silky transitions. With Kasia’s masterful control of her violin, the song never reaches a stage of fatigue, but in certain parts, we can hear it almost begin to get dry.


Similar to the AeroFit, the V30i’s treble is its strength. Producing crispy and yet with little trace of sibilancies. Similar to mid-range, its treble can be draining over long hours of listening as it gets harsher when pushed too far and starts rolling off.

In the song “Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man, the earlier part is spectacular with its excellent treble. However, the treble push too far during the chorus , and fatigue can be notice higher notes were hit.

Sound Stage

Unlike any other open-ear design earbuds, we would characterize the V30i’s sound stage as room like. The tighter sound stage would project a layered stage, with the treble and mid-range at the center.

In a cover of “Misty Mountains” by Rachel Hardy, her angelic sound would remain at the close front of the listener, with the harp and drums hovering close around. It is a personal experience, despite it being an open-ear earbuds, it is beautiful.

Anker SoundCore V30i Design & Comfortability

Instead of the sleek design of the AeroFit, V30i adopted a more futuristic design, with a large capsule-shaped speaker compartment to house the 14.2mm dynamic drivers. The general design is reminiscent of Dragon Ball’s capsule gadgets, if Soundcore were to change the color scheme to white and metallic orange it would look a lot cooler.

The large capsule also comes with a heavier weight over the AeroFit, having more prominent present when worn. The bridge is also less bendy; nevertheless, it seems to be by design to secure the larger speaker over the ear.

Anker SoundCore V30i

The surface is also more reminiscent of bare plastic than the touch-touch finishing on the AeroFit. I, for one, don’t miss the finishing, as the premium touch can be forgo when this bare plastic gives little to none heat retention, making it more comfortable to wear over longer hours.

Similar to the AeroFit, the speaker compartment projects audio directly; it also carries a small grid for air exhaust for air movement. One thing stood out on the V30i is a metallic red ring placed at the beginning of the bridge, altering the general aesthetic of the earbud to be more futuristic and cyberpunk-ish.

Anker SoundCore V30i

Anker SoundCore V30i Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Anker SoundCore V30i offers remarkable value, coming in at half the price of the AeroFit while still delivering an impressive audio experience. Surprisingly robust bass adds depth to music, though try to avoid distortion at higher volumes.

Anker SoundCore V30i

Its sleek design, reminiscent of futuristic gadgets, enhances its appeal, while the use of bare plastic ensures comfort by preventing heat retention during extended wear.

Overall, the SoundCoreV30i strikes a balance between affordability, performance, and style, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious users seeking quality earbuds.

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Anker SoundCore V30i


SoundCore V30i strikes a balance between affordability, performance, and style, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious users seeking quality earbuds.

  • Decent bass production
  • Transparent mid-range
  • Crispy treble
  • Unique design with a futuristic capsule-shaped speaker
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Bass may be overpowered by other frequencies
  • Mid-range dominance, sometimes pushing apart other frequencie
  • Treble can become harsh and draining when pushes

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