Recently, we’ve seen a surge of open-ear earbuds being released by larger brands. We visited the uniquely shaped C-bridge design Huawei FreeClip a while back; today, we’re going to take a look at open-ear designed earbuds that have adopted different design principles.

Anker SoundCore AeroFit

The Anker SoundCore AeroFit adapts an over-ear open-ear design. Optimized for awareness, comfort, and with SoundCore’s special concoction of skin-friendly material, it’s gentle to the skin. The question is, does it sound good?

Anker SoundCore AeroFit Audio Quality


Like other open-back earbuds, seeking bass is a peculiar experience. With the lack of impactful bass strike nor deep bass, bass-heavy songs sound flat. We can’t blame this on the AeroFit, but it is the nature of open-ear earbuds, trading off bass for a large sound stage.

Listening to “The Kill” by Thirty Seconds to Mars (I like Jared Leto’s Joker XD), the drum-heavy segments quickly become flat and pushed to the back by the vocals. This only happens with the drum, not the bass guitar, which still has a good presence throughout the song. Generally, be prepared for an acoustic-heavy experience with the AeroFit because you won’t find bass here.


The mid-range is the forte of the SoundCore AeroFit. I came expecting spectacular vocals, and I wasn’t disappointed. Great clarity, well-detailed, and a hint of warmth in the vocals make the AeroFit a vocal expert.

With an odd choice to test vocals, I listened to “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed. What was a deep cry of isolation, alienation, and disconnection has become a narrative of the struggle of communication and the fight for meaningful connection. The emphasis on vocals has highlighted the mastery of the singer’s control on vocal, bringing emotion into every word he sang.


If the mid-range is the forte of SoundCore AeroFit, then treble is its strength. Airy and well-extended, it shines a light on the details in every strum of the guitar and higher vocals.

In the duet between Billie Eilish & Khalid “Lovely” the projection of emotion becomes very powerful on every solo Billie sang. With its extended range, it gains great harmony without edging out, and the expression of self-teasing humor on being alone is so commanding on the AeroFit.

Sound Stage

Similar to other open-ear designs, the AeroFit’s sound stage is significantly wider than common earbuds. However, the widened hear is also accompanied by some characteristics of a lack of imaging, often giving off a busy stage.

Listening to “The Man Can’t Be Moved” by The Script projected an image of a small room personal play. The instrument is not facing the listener but passing through us, and isolating vocals from the instrument can take some effort when the chorus is happening.

Anker SoundCore AeroFit Design & Comfortability

The over-ear + open-ear design gives the AeroFit a very slick look. The whole earphone is encased in a soft-touch rubber casing, with the bridge being extra bendy and flexible. With its minimal weight of 145 grams, soft and gentle-to-skin material, it is very comfortable to wear for long hours.

As with any other open-ear earbuds, the speaker compartment does not penetrate the ear canal; rather, it is projected directly into the ear canal with its uniquely designed speaker unit. There is a grid surrounding the speaker unit serving as air exhaust, allowing the speaker to breathe and sound more natural.

As open-ear earbuds, there’s no heat build-up over time in the ear canal like normal earbuds. However, we do experience minimal heat build-up at the bridge. This is normal for soft-touch materials, as the materials retain more heat than a smooth surface. Nonetheless, the heat retention is at a minimum, which ultimately does not affect the listening experience.

Anker SoundCore AeroFit

Anker SoundCore AeroFit Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Anker SoundCore AeroFit presents a compelling option for those seeking open-ear earbuds with a unique over-ear design. With its focus on awareness, comfort, and skin-friendly materials, the AeroFit provides a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.

Anker SoundCore AeroFit

While its bass may not be as pronounced as some may prefer, the mid-range and treble shine, offering clarity, detail, and a hint of warmth, especially in vocal-centric tracks. The sound stage is notably wide, typical of open-ear designs, but it comes with a trade-off in imaging. The design and comfortability aspects are commendable, with a slick look and minimal weight.

Anker SoundCore AeroFit

Overall, the Anker SoundCore AeroFit stands out for its distinctive features, making it a worthwhile consideration for those looking for an open-ear earbud experience.

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Anker SoundCore AeroFit


Overall, the Anker SoundCore AeroFit stands out for its distinctive features, making it a worthwhile consideration for those looking for an open-ear earbud experience.

  • Mastery of Mid-range
  • Sweet airy Treble
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bass need more work

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