Sonos Move 2


The Sonos Move 2 represents a commendable evolution in portable audio technology, building upon the strengths of the already powerful Sonos Move. Leveraging the unique TruPlay and audio pairing technology of Sonos, the Move 2 represents the future of the portable audio landscape for audiophiles.

  • TruPlay capabilities rework soundstage and audio quality on the fly
  • Classy and elegant design
  • Excellent audio quality, excelling in bass and treble delivery
  • Sonos’ renowned speaker pairing technology.
  • Lack of definition in its mid-range
Water resistance, portable, powerful

Sonos Move 2 Intro

This simple pillar of sound represents the future of the portable audio landscape for audiophiles. Retaining the design from the original Move, with a few minor optimizations, most of the improvements are made within the reengineered sound system. Priced at RM2799, it is slightly more expensive than the original Move.

In this review, we’ll try to answer a few questions: What improvements does it have? How does the improved sound system sound? Is it worth it? And finally, should Gen 1 Move users consider an upgrade?

Exterior: A Column of Joy

The Sonos Move 2 retains the same design principles. To us, this is a welcome sight because the Move’s design is highly mature in terms of practicality and audio engineering. Why change something if it’s not broken? However, one can always improve on it, and improve it Sonos did.

On the top panel, there’s a concave surface for swapping volume control. Users no longer need to fiddle with buttons, and the buttons for navigating between tracks are now dedicated. With the Move 2, navigating between tracks has its own dedicated buttons, while swapping within the concave surface controls volume.

At the back, there’s a concave surface that acts as a handle, maintaining the same design as the original Move. The concave surface is deep and curved, providing users with a good grip and extra handling to move it around with no worries of slipping.

Interior: 2 is better than 1

Moving into the interior, the Sonos Move 2 has undergone significant upgrades in its sound system, marking a notable departure from its predecessor. The original single large bass driver with one tweeter design has been transformed into a more sophisticated setup, now accompanied by a pair of bass drivers for enhanced stereo projection.

The addition of three class-D amplifiers within the Move 2 address the need for increased audio capacity in different audio scenario. Catering to all sort of scenarios like larger spaces and thigher room, promising a more immersive and powerful listening experience.

Sonos S2 App: Unique Audio Hub

Sonos have a professional approach toward the Sonos S2 app. On Microsoft Windows, it serves as a distinctive audio center. It gave user control over volume and access cover liabrary on the Windows PC it self.

However, on the phone version of Sonos app, user have full controller on managing the speaker’s settings and features. Other than volume control and library navigation, it also gave user ability to fine-tune their audio preferences.

The Sonos S2 should be exemplar of how audio device company deploy their app, with seamless experience in navigating and also synergy between platforms.  

Sonos Move 2 Audio Performance: A Balanced Spectrum


The Move 2 boasts an impressive bass performance that, while limited in its spectrum, maintains precision and organic qualities. There’s a notable absence of sharp rises or sudden dips, resulting in a natural and well-rounded sound.

While it lacks sub-bass and rumble, this is a forgivable compromise given its primary role as a high-energy portable speaker.


The mid-range capabilities of the Move 2 are somewhat limited, displaying a lack of definition and a relatively flat profile. While it struggles to shine in this aspect, it’s an understandable compromise considering the absence of dedicated mid-range driver units.


The treble range brings a sparkling and agile quality to the audio output. It particularly favors female vocals, providing a pleasant and nuanced listening experience. The treble performance contributes to the overall balance of the sound profile.


The Move 2’s soundstage is dynamic, further enhanced by the Sonos TruPlay system. This signature technology allows the speaker to adapt its frequency strength, consequently widening or narrowing its sound stage based on the acoustic environment.

The TruPlay system is a hallmark feature of Sonos, serving multiple purposes in optimizing the audio output for diverse listening scenarios.

Sonos Move 2 Conclusion: A worthy upgrade

I have previously encountered the original Sonos Move during a casual listening session in-store. Even when is just a few minute of listening it already impressed me with its expansive sound and its suitability as a high-energy portable speaker. Now experiencing the TruPlay capabilities in the Move 2, I now understand how it achieves that wide-reaching and well-calibrated audio experience.

The Move 2’s classy and elegant design is a feature I highly appreciate. In a market dominated by flashy design, the Sonos Move’s sophisticated look is a refreshing choice, making it suitable for subtler social gatherings or smaller parties.

While the Move 2 delivers excellent audio quality, excelling in bass and treble delivery, it does exhibit a lack of definition in its mid-range, and over time, it tends to sound flat. This is somewhat expected due to the absence of a dedicated mid-range driver. However, with Sonos’ renowned speaker pairing technology. Users seeking higher audio quality can always enhance their experience by pairing the Move 2 with devices like the Sonos Era 100 or Sonos One.

In conclusion, the Sonos Move 2 represents a commendable evolution in portable audio technology, building upon the strengths of the already powerful Sonos Move. Leveraging the unique TruPlay and audio pairing technology of Sonos, the Move 2 represents the future of the portable audio landscape for audiophiles. Priced at RM2799, it presents itself as a worthy upgrade for those who appreciated the original Move and are seeking a more optimal experience with enhanced sound quality.

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