Despite minor drawbacks, the CCA CRA earphones are a compelling choice for those seeking quality sound on a budget, particularly excelling in bass performance.

  • Bass bass baby!
  • Mid range with good resolution
  • Well-defined and extended high treble.
  • Some hollowness in the midrange
  • WIll become bit sharp in certain scenarios.
CCA CRA review

The CCA CRA a sub RM40 USD10 in ear motor earphone. Is a legend in the industry and perhaps the best sounding earphone at this price point. It has been a mystery for me how does it sound so, I got one. Here’s my short review on the legendary CCA CRA.

CCA CRA Sound quality: Bass lead the way


The CCA CRA earphones offer an impressive performance in the bass frequency range, showcasing a remarkable sub-bass at their price point. The low end boasts a substantial amount of rumble, contributing to a rich and immersive listening experience.

CCA CRA review

The balance throughout the bass spectrum is well-maintained, ensuring a textured and impactful delivery. The bass frequencies often shine brighter than others, providing great projection that enhances the overall audio quality.

The CCA CRA earphones deliver a striking and dynamic bass that sets them apart in their price range.


The CCA CRA earphones continue to impress with good resolution and details. The midrange is clean, energetic, and the vocals are notably present, adding a layer of clarity to the overall sound profile.

However, there is a slight concern about potential hollowness in the midrange. Despite this, the earphones manage to maintain a commendable balance, delivering a satisfying midrange performance that complements the other frequencies.


CCA CRA earphones showcase good resolution and details, ensuring a well-defined and extended high end. The treble maintains a certain level of clarity even in complex musical passages.

CCA CRA review

However, there is a cautionary note about potential sibilance at extreme situations. While the treble performance is generally excellent, users may need to be mindful of the earphones becoming a bit sharp in certain scenarios.

Overall, the CCA CRA earphones offer a well-rounded audio experience across all frequencies, making them a compelling choice for users seeking quality sound reproduction at an affordable price.

Sound stage

CCA CRA earphones deliver a decent soundstage that falls somewhere in the middle – not exceptionally wide or narrow. While it may not wow you with an expansive audio landscape, it does a good job of allowing you to hear distant elements clearly.

The sense of space and directionality is there, but it’s not mind-blowing. In simpler terms, the soundstage is pretty good, giving you an immersive experience without going overboard.

At its prime with or without DAC/AMP

CCA CRA review

Oddly enough, when paired with the Moondrop Click 3.5mm DAC/AMP, while it sounded more powerful, it some how missed its earlier rumble in bass and doesn’t sound as impressive as without the AMP.

CCA CRA Design & Comfortability: Affordable professional fit

Opted for cavity fit design, the earphone fill up your ear cavity when worn. Filling in most of the ear’s cavity also gave it the advantage of blocking off noise passively.

CCA CRA review

It is large and have a good weight, comfortable to wear and will hold stability in place.

CCA CRA Conclusion: Rediculously priced for such quality

Priced under RM40 or USD10, it is are hailed as industry legends for their impressive performance. The bass stands out with a remarkable sub-bass, providing a rich and immersive experience. The midrange offers good resolution, though there’s a slight concern about hollowness. The treble excels with clarity, but potential sibilance is noted at extreme situations.

Surprisingly, when paired with the Moondrop Click 3.5mm DAC/AMP, there’s a trade-off as the earlier impressive bass rumble diminishes. Despite minor drawbacks, the CCA CRA earphones are a compelling choice for those seeking quality sound on a budget, particularly excelling in bass performance.

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