So, the ROG Azoth arrived in our hands about a month ago, and only recently have we had the time to unpack it. The moment we lifted the keyboard from its box, it established its presence in such a way that it put most, if not all, of my previous mechanical keyboards to shame.

The ROG Azoth is a top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard that brings together a host of features catering to both gamers and enthusiasts. It has many features that enthusiasts seek, such as a gasket mount, hot-swappability, and more. It also brings its unique twists to the table, like an OLED display, low-latency wireless connection, and others.

In this review, we’ll explore its various components and capabilities, offering a balanced perspective on its design, switches, keycaps, OLED display, and connectivity options. We’ll also attempt to answer whether the ROG Azoth is worth its premium price tag because of the brand.

Design and Build Quality


The ROG Azoth is built in a 75% form factor, omitting the numpad, but retaining all the crucial operations and functionalities. The casing is constructed with a metal top cover and a silicone gasket mount with three layers of sound-dampening material. With this construction comes a substantial weight; at 1.18 kg, the ROG Azoth is hardly portable.

However, this design delivers a typing experience that is solid and comfortable, unlike typical mechanical keyboards. Every keystroke descends into a solid base with no vibrations or wobbliness. This is due to the silicone gasket allowing a degree of elasticity when struck, absorbing excess impact, and distributing it throughout the keyboard.

We should note that the degree of elasticity is at a minimum. Light typists would likely feel very comfortable when typing, but heavy typists may still feel the impact when bottoming out the switch.

Interior – 3x Noise dampening

ROG has also made a great effort to dampen noise. The silicone pad absorbs the initial sound that the switches make, while an additional PORON foam below the PCB cancels out the case ping and fills up the hollow space. Finally, a layer of silicone form-lined base creates a resting surface while canceling out echoes from bouncing back. Ultimately, the sound produced is among the purest the switch can produce, with no excessive noise.

OLED Display + Control – ROG Special touch

The top right corner of the keyboard features one of the most exciting features the ROG Azoth has to offer: the 2-inch OLED display. Primarily used to display vital information, it shows system status, keyboard settings, battery level, multimedia info, and even CPU temperature.

ROG Azoth

Next to the OLED display is the built-in three-way control knob and side button, allowing users to adjust like volume, brightness, and lighting effects on the fly. Some of these adjustments often require deep navigation in a PC suite, but now they are available at the tip of your fingers.

ROG Azoth

The ROG Azoth includes two pairs of keyboard feet with different heights, allowing users to choose from three tilt angles. This flexibility in ergonomics caters to individual preferences, making it suitable for extended gaming or work sessions.


I can still recall a time when it was either Cherry MX switches or nothing, but today we live in the golden age of mechanical switches with numerous appropriate options to choose from. ROG has also included their own concoction of mechanical switches in the ROG Azoth, known as the ROG NX Switches.

ROG Azoth

The ROG NX mechanical switches come pre-lubed for smoother keystrokes and less noise. We received the Brown switches, which have a 2mm actuation point and a tactile force of 58gf, making them ideal for users who prefer a pronounced tactile response. The tactile consistency shows that ASUS has put thought into optimizing these switches for a better typing and gaming experience.

ROG Azoth

As the keyboard comes with a lube kit, ROG has also pre-lubed the switches, contributing to their tactile smoothness and frictionless typing. While most enthusiasts would choose to lube their switches, ROG saves its users the trouble of disassembling the switches and the time-consuming lubing process.

ROG Azoth

The ROG Azoth also features hot-swappable switches, a common feature on higher-end mechanical keyboards. This is great news for those who want to retain their choice of switches and simply swap them in.

ROG Azoth


This should be one of the highlights of the ROG Azoth. Apart from the direct connection of USB-C, the Azoth also offers Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz RF wireless connection. During wireless connection, the keyboard will draw power from its built-in battery with update to 2076 hours of battery life.

ROG Azoth

Unfortunately, our review unit arrived without the wireless dongle, which ultimately resulted in us being unable to test the SpeedNova wireless technology. However, it is stated that it offers low-latency performance even in environments with RF signal interference. Additionally, the keyboard supports MacOS, accommodating users in various computing environments.

Conclusion – Better value than we expected.

Retailed at RM999, we anticipate that users will have to pay a premium for a prestigious brand like ROG. However, in the case of the ROG Azoth, it provides users with significant value. This value is evident in its built-in gasket, three layers of sound-dampening materials, metal casing, three connectivity options, built-in batteries, pre-lubed switches, and even a lube kit. Additionally, the unique OLED display sets the ROG Azoth apart by offering on-the-fly settings adjustments.

Nevertheless, for purists seeking exceptional typing experience, alternatives are available at other keyboard such as the Neo 65, which offer great experience with lower price point. The gasket within the Asus Azoth offers only a minimal degree of elasticity, which might still transmit some impact when keys are fully depressed.

In summary, the ROG Azoth stands as one of the best mechanical keyboards in the market, and its performance is undeniably on par with its price tag. It combines premium features with a competitive price, making it a compelling choice for both gamers and enthusiasts.

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ROG Azoth


The ROG Azoth stands as one of the best mechanical keyboards in the market, and its performance is undeniably on par with its price tag. It combines premium features with a competitive price, making it a compelling choice for both gamers and enthusiasts.

  • OLED Display
  • Solid built
  • Three connectivity options
  • Pre-lubed switches with lube kit bundle
  • PREMIUM Price tag
  • Gasket with less elasticity

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