• MSI and Kingston are collaborating on DDR5 CAMM2, a new memory design for desktops.
  • CAMM2 utilizes a compact LGA socket, potentially leading to slimmer desktops and faster memory speeds.
  • The smaller footprint of CAMM2 could allow for more compact motherboards or additional features.
  • CAMM2 has the potential for higher memory bandwidth compared to traditional DIMMs.

MSI and Kingston are teaming up to showcase what they’re calling the next revolution in memory design: DDR5 CAMM2. Traditionally found in laptops due to its space-saving benefits, CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Module) is making a surprise leap to desktops.

What is CAMM2?

CAMM2 replaces the familiar DIMM slots (the long sticks of RAM) with a more compact LGA (Land Grid Array) socket, similar to what you see with CPUs. This allows for thinner laptops and potentially more streamlined desktops. Additionally, CAMM2 boasts support for faster memory speeds – the prototype Kingston FURY Impact DDR5 CAMM2 module on display reaches speeds above the standard DDR5 DIMMs found in most desktops today.

Designed for Laptops, Advantageous for Desktops?

While CAMM2 was initially designed for the size-constrained world of laptops, MSI’s Z790 PROJECT ZERO PLUS motherboard prototype demonstrates its potential for desktops. The smaller footprint could allow for more compact motherboards or even open up space for additional features.

The real intrigue lies in the potential performance gains. CAMM2 offers the ability to house more memory chips in a smaller space, potentially leading to higher memory bandwidth compared to traditional DIMMs. The prototype Kingston Fury Impact CAMM2 module showcases this with its high speeds, hinting at exciting possibilities for overclocking (OC) enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into the Future?

While this is just a preview, the MSI and Kingston collaboration suggests a future where CAMM2 could become a mainstream option for desktops alongside DIMMs. Whether it offers a significant performance boost over current DDR5 solutions and how widely adopted it becomes remains to be seen. However, one thing’s for sure: CAMM2 brings a new design philosophy to the table, potentially shaking up the way we think about desktop memory. We’ll have to wait for its official release and benchmarks to see if it truly lives up to the hype of being the next revolution in memory design.

See it for Yourself at Computex Taipei 2024!

For those interested in experiencing CAMM2 firsthand, MSI and Kingston will be showcasing the technology at Computex Taipei 2024. The event runs from Tuesday, June 4th to June 7th. Visit them at MSI Booth M0806 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 1), Hall 1, 4th Floor, and Kingston booth at Grand Hilai Taipei, 6F Exhibition Hall.

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