Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips


Pentaconn Coreir Eartips excel in durability, audio quality, and comfort, making them a top choice for audiophiles embarking on their Chi-fi journey.

  • Enhanced audio profile
  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable silicone material
  • Improved sound stage
  • May be too costly for some

We’ve all been there, encountering something that seems like snake oil only to discover it’s genuinely effective (like how milk can outperform energy drinks in many ways). Pentaconn Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips fall into that category for me—a product not only promising enhanced comfort but also improved audio quality. This, I had to experience for myself.

How Eartips Actually Affect Audio Quality

Before delving into the Pentaconn Coreir, it’s essential to understand how eartips impact audio quality. Different eartip materials create varying sound profiles by ensuring a good fit in the ear canal, providing a solid seal for better low-frequency response, preventing audio leakage, and improving frequency generation. Additionally, the length of the eartip nozzle alters sound quality based on its length and tunnel consistency. Lastly, different materials offer different forms and levels of comfort, influencing the overall audio experience.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips Sound Quality:

Testing the Coreir Eartips with the KZ Castor, I compared them to bundled memory foam eartips and random silicone eartips from other earbuds. The bass response was punchier than silicone, but memory foam offered better focus.

The Pentaconn eartips demonstrated superior layering and control, effectively navigating height variations. Notably, the Coreir prevented bass vibrations in the ear canal, providing a more direct and balanced stage.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

In the mid-range, audio clarity and texture surpassed the other eartips, with a higher and closer positioning.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

Treble frequencies exhibited a wider reach, enhancing richness and travel for elements like cymbals. Compared to memory foam, the treble felt gentler without the sensation of being struck by stronger highs.

Sound Stage

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

When paired with the KZ Castor, the Coreir Eartips introduced unique changes to the sound stage compared to typical silicone tips. The overall stage widened with improved projection. Notably, in the mid-range, higher frequencies and closer vocals became apparent.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips Build & Comfort

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

These eartips are arguably the most comfortable I’ve worn to date, credited to Pentaconn’s hybrid approach with the Coreir. Using silicone for gentle skin contact and nickel-plated brass for a uniform audio channel, the design resembles the material used in contact lenses. The silicone is flexible and breathable, providing a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

The silicone material proves resilient against wear and tear, as evidenced during our intensive testing involving frequent eartip changes. Remarkably, there are no indications of loosening or tearing observed in the eartips, showcasing their durability and robust design.

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips Conclusion

Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips

Priced at RM129 for two pairs, the Pentaconn Coreir Metal Silicone Eartips are on par with the cost of some IEMs. However, given their enhanced audio profile and unparalleled comfort, this indicate the the Coreir Metal Silicone is no snake oil, but cater to those seeking the best audio experience on their Chi-fi journey.

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