In a surprising move, ASUS has teased the yet-to-be-announced ROG Phone 8 on its official ROG Twitter/X page, and a micro site teasing and running a blind test of its impressive image capabilities.

The ROG Phone 8 takes a departure from its predecessors, the ROG Phone 6 and 7, shedding the familiar design language for a much sleeker, elegant, and less gamer-centric appearance.

Questions arise regarding the compatibility of existing accessories with the new phone’s redesigned form.

Here’s a glimpse of what is known about the upcoming ROG Phone 8:

  • Processor Power: It is set to feature the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.
  • Revamped Design: The phone will sport a new design that breaks away from the previous models.
  • Advanced Camera System: Equipped with a sophisticated 3-camera system.
  • Peripheral Ecosystem: The phone is likely to support an expanded peripheral ecosystem.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: The splash image suggests an 8K Ultra HD image capturing capability.

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