The premium Dark Power 13 power supplies too expensive for you? be quiet! has heard your wallet screaming, and offers the Pure Power 12 M series that come in at a more affordable price point, but still offers full ATX 3.0 compatibility to feed your GeForce RTX 40 series cards properly. Along with the new power supplies, be quiet! also announced the new DC2 and DC2 Pro TIMs for enthusiasts.

be quiet! Pure Power 12 M: ATX 3.0, 80 PLUS Gold rating

02_Pure_Power_12_M_1000W (resized)

Unlike the Dark Power 13 which are rated for 80 PLUS Platinum, the Pure Power 12 M series come in with a still impressive 80 PLUS Gold rating. This means that they can be up to 93.2% efficient, just slightly lower from the Dark Power 13’s peak 95.9% efficiency. You also lose some more premium features like the single rail mode and advanced topology, as well as the fully sleeved cables.

03_Pure_Power_12_M_1000W (resized)

The Pure Power 12 M features two independent 12V rails and touts a silent 120mm fan for cool and quiet operation. A fully modular design ensures that you can easily avoid excess clutter in your build. While the Pure Power 12 M is clearly designed to accommodate a more price-conscious audience, be quiet! didn’t skimp on the quality, and are really confident in their product.

04_Pure_Power_12_M_Shopbild_1000W-850W (resized)

be quiet! is still providing a 10-year warranty for all five variants of the Pure Power 12 M. You have the 550W model, all the way up to the 1000W model. A major difference to note is that the 550W and 650W’s 12VHPWR cables are only rated for 300W and 450W, respectively. The prices are as follows:

  • Pure Power 12 M 550W: $94.90 (~RM405.32)
  • Pure Power 12 M 650W: $104.90 (~RM448.03)
  • Pure Power 12 M 750W: $119.90 (~RM512.09)
  • Pure Power 12 M 850W: $134.90 (~RM576.16)
  • Pure Power 12 M 1000W: $164.90 (~RM704.29)

be quiet! DC2 Pro: 80W/mK for extreme enthusiasts

be quiet DC2 Pro

be quiet! just announced their first liquid metal thermal interface material, the DC2 Pro. On paper, it seems to outperform the ubiquitous Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut with its 80W/mK vs the Conductonaut’s 73W/mK, but it is also rated for a narrower operating temperature range of 50 – 200°C. As with all liquid metal compounds, DC2 Pro cannot be used with aluminum or bare copper heatpipes. A 1g syringe of DC2 Pro will be priced at $11.90 (~RM50.82).

02_DC2 (resized)

For those who are using coolers with direct contact heatpipes or aluminum coldplates, be quiet! also announced the DC2 thermal grease. It’s safer as its non-corrosive, and it’s also non-conductive. The rated thermal conductivity of 7.5W/mK is rather low though, considering most thermal greases range in the mid-teens now. All that said, it’s quite affordable, at $7.90 (~RM33.74) for a 3g tube.

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