be quiet! has announced their first full ATX 3.0 compatible power supplies under the Dark Power 13 series. The Dark Power 13 series will replace the Dark Power 12 series, with three options to choose from: 750W, 850W and 1000W to meet the needs of gamers and enthusiasts out there. The key highlights here are the ATX 3.0 compatibility and 80 PLUS Titanium certification, which ensures full compatibility with the latest GeForce RTX 40 series cards at the highest efficiency.

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With the full compatibility for the ATX 3.0 standard, the Dark Power 13 series is ready to power the latest graphics cards, in accordance with the specifications defined by PCIe 5.0. This means that it will be able to handle peaks of up to 3x the power consumption, something which was not defined under the ATX 2.X standards. The PSU can send 600W of power over the 12VHPWR connector, perfect for the latest GeForce RTX 4090s and higher. There’s also support for up to four legacy 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors.

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To achieve its 80 PLUS Titanium certification which sees up to 95.8% efficiency, the advanced “Active Rectifier + Full Bridge LLC + SR + DC-DC” topology and a wire-free interior design on the DC side, is here, carried over from its predecessor. Coupled with premium components like long-life Japanese 105°C, the four 12V rails of the Dark Power 13 delivers maximum reliability and stability. For those frowning at the four power rails, there’s an Overclocking Key to switch to single rail mode for maximum stability under extreme overclocking.

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Last but not least, be quiet! uses a premium Silent Wings 135mm fan with a funnel-shaped air intake to optimize the air circulation and minimize noise. A full set of modular black sleeved cables come with the Dark Power 13 series to complete your build. be quiet! is confident enough in these power supplies that you get a 10-year warranty with it.

07_Dark_Power_13_850W (1)

Availability in Malaysia is still unknown at the time of writing, but it is slated to hit shelves globally this 24th January at the following prices:

  • Dark Power 13 750W: $209.90 (~RM905.93)
  • Dark Power 13 850W: 249.90 (~RM1,078.57)
  • Dark Power 13 1000W: $289.90 (~RM1,251.21)

Definitely premium prices, but it doesn’t pay to skimp on power supplies, when a bad one can literally bring your entire system to the grave with it.

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