• Axrail opens the first Generative AI Lab in Southeast Asia, offering cloud and on-premise AI solutions.
  • The lab aims to accelerate AI adoption for businesses, helping them extract value from data and improve operational efficiency.
  • The collaboration between Axrail, AWS, and Phison combines expertise in cloud computing, AI, and data storage.
  • The launch aligns with Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint to promote digitalization and regional leadership.

Axrail, a leading Malaysian technology company, has inaugurated the first Generative AI (Gen AI) Lab in Southeast Asia. This innovative facility serves as a collaborative hub for businesses seeking to leverage AI for growth and optimization.

A Hub for Cloud and On-Premise AI Solutions

The Gen AI Lab brings together the expertise of Axrail, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Phison. It showcases cutting-edge cloud solutions powered by AWS, including those built on Amazon Bedrock. Additionally, the lab integrates Phison’s innovative aiDAPTIV+ technology for on-premise AI applications.

This comprehensive approach caters to the evolving needs of businesses. The lab offers a fast-tracked and scalable path to AI adoption, providing both cloud and on-premise solutions. Axrail positions itself as a leader in delivering end-to-end generative AI solutions for diverse business environments.

Fostering Responsible AI Innovation

Located within Axrail’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) for AI solutions, the Gen AI Lab fosters a collaborative environment for responsible AI experimentation and co-creation. The lab is designed to accelerate businesses’ AI readiness by helping them build capabilities to extract value from data. This translates to increased operational efficiency across various functions within an organization.

Collaboration for Growth

Axrail’s Founder and CEO, Kelvin Kok, emphasizes the collaborative nature of the project. He highlights the lab’s role in empowering businesses to reimagine operations through AI, leading to measurable outcomes and future-proofed strategies.

AWS and Phison, key partners in this initiative, also share their vision. Pete Murray, Country Manager for AWS Malaysia, recognizes the potential of Axrail’s Gen AI Lab to boost productivity and efficiency for businesses across various sectors. Dato’ K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics, emphasizes the lab’s contribution to democratizing AI and making it accessible to a broader audience.

A Catalyst for Malaysia’s Digital Transformation

Axrail, a subsidiary of QL Resources Berhad, believes the Gen AI Lab can significantly contribute to Malaysia’s digital transformation journey. The lab aligns with the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint, focusing on digitalization and regional leadership in the digital economy.

By offering a platform for businesses to explore and implement AI solutions, the Gen AI Lab contributes to several strategic thrusts of the Blueprint:

  • Driving digital transformation
  • Boosting economic competitiveness through digitalization
  • Developing digital infrastructure
  • Building a digitally-skilled workforce
  • Creating an inclusive digital society

Axrail to Host Complimentary AI Sharing Session

To celebrate the launch of the Gen AI Lab and CoE, Axrail is organizing a free half-day sharing session on July 18, 2024. The event will feature insights from AWS experts and live demonstrations of transformative AI solutions. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on the real-world impact of data and AI, empowering them to navigate digital transformation with confidence. Businesses can register for the session titled “10x Your Organization Productivity Using Generative AI” at

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