Chinese New Year is coming. It’s the perfect time of year to spend with family and celebrate, and to collect some red packets from your elderly relatives. But Chinese New Year is equally exhausting. Having to deal with family members is not an easy task, especially if you have Auntie Karen and Uncle Kelvin around. These people can ask awkward questions that can wear down even the strongest person.

To help you prepare for those moments, here’s our guide to 5 tech you’ll need to survive this Chinese New Year.

Relative Calculator:

There is no greater offense than mislabeling Auntie Karen or Uncle Kelvin! Later, they will feel disrespected and have more questions! Install this app so you know what to address them and get it right the first time! *All else fails, address everyone as lengzai and langlui.

三姑六婆 Lite :

Noise canceling earbud:

Do you have a girlfriend yet? Are you planning to have a child soon? Where are you working now? These are only the surface questions a nosy family member would ask. Draw out a plan for answering all these questions OR cancel out these questions with noise cancelling headphones! Smile and nod as they ask!

ROG Cetra True Wireless:

Bonus round! Raise your awareness of your surroundings when playing poker cards or mahjong by putting on ambient mode! You might hear certain things will give you an edge over your opponent.

Read this guide if you want to experience the QnA in hard mode.

An unlimited data mobile plan:

Image credit: Skittles 2021 CNY Campaign

Not only so you can stay connected, but also to be able to use your phone while at Chinese New Year gatherings. You can avoid that noisy relative of yours by sticking your head to the phone.

Bonus round! Blast that Tiktok video at full volume when your “favorite Karen Auntie” is around!

Shirt Fan

In Cantonese, a slang word called “Heng” means heatiness, but it is often used to describe irresolution. It would be hot around Chinese New Year as Chinese New Year literally marks the end of winter. If you combine heat and nosy questions, you’ll be “Heng” in no time.

With the shirt fan, you’ll enjoy a cool breeze while Aunt Karen and Kevin run their month dry. A particularly noteworthy example would be the Sony Reon Pocket series. This is a wearable thermal device that can directly cool or warm the part of the body that the device is in contact with. It might not solve all the problems, but it sure does make the process less miserable.

Rental Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend:

Bringing in a professional is the best way to keep aunts and uncles at bay. A trained host that can professionally answer awkward questions!

Check out Ribbon: Social & Culture App! By using this app, you can book time with a professional host. You can choose the host of your choosing, communicate with them explaining your situation, and block their time!

Note: Please respect your host.


There you go, 5 techs you’ll need to survive Chinese New Year! I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will enjoy this Chinese New Year to the fullest.

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