• WiZ smart lighting introduces a new Music Sync feature.
  • This feature allows lights to change color and brightness in sync with music.
  • Users can choose from nine pre-designed color palettes in the WiZ app.
  • The feature creates a more entertaining lighting experience for users.

Signify, the world leader in lighting, has introduced a new Music Sync feature for its WiZ smart lighting system. This exciting addition allows users to create dynamic light shows by synchronizing the brightness and color of their WiZ lights with the rhythm of their music.

WiZ Smart Lighting: A Versatile and Affordable Option

First launched in Malaysia in 2020, WiZ smart lighting has gained recognition as a more budget-friendly alternative to other smart lighting options. WiZ offers a broad range of smart features, including automation functions like Circadian Rhythm, Schedules, and SpaceSense™. With a vast selection of over 16 million colors and various presets, WiZ provides users with a highly customizable lighting experience.

Bringing Music to Life with Light

The innovative Music Sync feature lets users synchronize their WiZ smart lights with music, creating a captivating display where the lights change color and brightness in time with the music’s rhythm. Users can choose from nine pre-designed color palettes within the WiZ app to match their mood or music genre.

The feature utilizes the microphone on a smartphone or tablet to detect music and instructs the lights to flash, brighten, and change color accordingly. Users can seamlessly add multiple lights to the Music Sync area, as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

“As the leading smart lighting provider, our goal is to make lighting fun. We want to empower our customers with the creative freedom to transform their spaces with our smart lighting solutions,” said Sourav Biswas, Signify Malaysia’s Commercial Leader for Consumer Channel. “By introducing the Music Sync feature, we’re giving everyone the power to unleash their inner creativity and customize their lights to their unique style. This creates a more entertaining and enjoyable experience to share with loved ones.”

The Music Sync feature is now available within the WiZ app. To learn more about the latest WiZ products and app features, visit

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