• vivo Malaysia celebrates 10th anniversary with a photography workshop in Sarawak.
  • Workshop highlights Sarawak’s Gawai Festival traditions and cultural heritage.
  • Participants learn mobile photography techniques using the vivo V30 series.
  • Second workshop planned for Penang on June 8th, 2024.

vivo Malaysia commemorated a significant milestone – their 10th anniversary – by hosting a unique photography workshop in Sarawak. This event, held in collaboration with the renowned Sarawak Cultural Village, transcended a simple celebration. It served as a platform to showcase the captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage of Sarawak through the artistic medium of photography.

The workshop attracted over 30 enthusiastic participants from across the state. Led by the esteemed photographer Huayi, the event provided valuable guidance on capturing the vibrant essence of the Sarawak Gawai Festival using the latest vivo V30 series smartphones. Participants gained valuable insights into the powerful portrait capabilities of the vivo V30 series, allowing them to instantly capture stunning photographs of the festival’s festivities.

Beyond Celebration: A Commitment to Local Communities

This initiative by vivo Malaysia signified more than just marking a decade of success. It embodied the brand’s unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and engaging with local communities. By partnering with the Sarawak Cultural Village, vivo Malaysia actively participated in preserving and promoting the region’s precious cultural heritage.

Expanding Horizons: A Second Workshop in Penang

The success of the Sarawak workshop paves the way for a future event. On June 8th, 2024, a second photography workshop will be held in Penang at the Penang Wonderfood Museum. This upcoming session is a collaborative effort between vivo Malaysia and the local media outlet, Penang Holiao. If you are interested in the upcoming workshop, register now !

A Reflection of vivo Malaysia’s Values

vivo Malaysia’s 10th-anniversary photography workshop serves as a testament to the brand’s core values. The event signifies their dedication to:

  • Reaching All Corners of Malaysia: By holding the workshop in Sarawak, vivo Malaysia demonstrates their commitment to engaging with diverse communities throughout the country.
  • Fostering Creativity: The workshop provided a platform for participants to explore their creative talents and capture the essence of their cultural heritage through mobile photography.
  • Promoting Local Culture: The collaboration with the Sarawak Cultural Village and the focus on the Gawai Festival highlight vivo Malaysia’s dedication to preserving and promoting local traditions.
  • Technological Innovation: The workshop showcased the capabilities of the vivo V30 series, demonstrating how mobile technology can enhance cultural exploration and documentation.

The 10th-anniversary photography workshop signifies a successful collaboration between vivo Malaysia and local communities. This initiative not only celebrates a corporate milestone but also serves as a catalyst for cultural exploration and artistic expression through the power of mobile photography.

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