• Industry Recognition: GSMA GLOMO Award highlights the collaborative success of State Grid, China Unicom, Huawei, and TD Tech.
  • 5G Smart Grid Innovation: The inclusive solution boasts wide coverage, high security, cost-effectiveness, and simplified deployment.
  • Impactful Deployment: Shandong province witnesses the world’s largest 5G virtual private network, shaping the future of modernized power grids.
  • Global Collaboration: Huawei’s commitment to driving 5G business and fostering industry transformation resonates on a global scale.

In a momentous achievement at MWC Barcelona 2024, State Grid, China Unicom, Huawei, and TD Tech proudly received the prestigious GSMA GLOMO Award for their collaborative work on the inclusive 5G smart grid solution. This accolade reflects the industry’s acknowledgment of their significant contributions as 5G smart grids prepare for extensive commercial implementation.

The Inclusive 5G Smart Grid Solution: A Trailblazing Collaboration

Developed jointly by State Grid, China Unicom, Huawei, and TD Tech, this groundbreaking 5G smart grid solution builds upon the robust 5G networks established by China Unicom. Leveraging end-to-end deterministic slicing and the innovative Reduced Capability (RedCap) technology, the solution ensures exclusive access to public network resources for electric power services, along with widespread and cost-effective 5G connectivity for power-grid services.

Highlights of the Inclusive 5G Smart Grid Solution:

  1. Wide Coverage:
    • China Unicom’s deployment of over 2 million 5G base stations, constituting 40% of the world’s total, guarantees ubiquitous 5G coverage for power grids.
  2. High Security Measures:
    • The integration of RB reservation, FlexE small-granularity transport slicing, and dedicated User Plane Function (UPF) ensures end-to-end deterministic slicing, meeting the stringent security requirements of electric power services.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness:
    • IntelligentRAN 5G RedCap optimizes performance economically, reducing the cost of electric power devices by an impressive 60%.
  4. Simplified Deployment:
    • Utilizing RAN Digital Twin Systems for service provisioning assessment achieves a remarkable one-time provisioning success rate of up to 90%.

The successful deployment of this solution in Shandong province, featuring the world’s largest 5G virtual private network, showcases its impact. With over 30,000 5G base stations providing 100,000 5G connections, various 5G-based electric power applications have been swiftly launched, laying a robust foundation for modernized power grids.

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