In the realm of Xiaomi’s extensive smartphone lineup, the Redmi Note 13 stands out as an unassuming yet compelling choice, especially for those seeking an affordable device without compromising on camera capabilities.

Priced at RM699 for the 6GB RAM/128GB Storage variant and RM799 for the 8GB RAM/256GB Storage model, the Redmi Note 13 doesn’t break the bank, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

What sets this entry-level model apart is Xiaomi’s commendable choice of camera sensors. The Redmi Note 13 boasts a triple camera setup, featuring a 108MP primary camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2MP macro camera.

In this article we explore how well the camera perform and see would the sub 800 perform well for common user’s daily camera needs.

Redmi Note 13 Cameras line up

Main shooter – 108MP 24mm wide angle

At the forefront is the impressive 108MP main camera, housing the renowned Samsung S5KHM6 sensor. This sensor is no stranger to the smartphone world, gracing not only mainstream phones but also higher-end models like the Xiaomi 12T series and the realme 10 Pro+ 5G. The camera’s wide f1.75 aperture lens ensures ample light intake, resulting in a natural and creamy bokeh effect. Fixed at a 24mm wide angle with PDAF autofocus, this main camera is primed for capturing vivid and detailed shots, even in varying lighting conditions.

Secondary shooter – 8MP 16mm ultra-wide angle

Complementing the primary sensor is the 8MP OmniVision ov08d10 ultra-wide-angle camera. While ultra-wide-angle lenses are often considered secondary, this one stands out thanks to Omnivision’s innovative TheiaCel technology. Boasting a cutting-edge single exposure HDR capturing capability, TheiaCel significantly enhances dynamic range with minimal motion artifacts. The f2.2 aperture, fixed at a 16mm field of view with infinite focus, ensures a broad perspective that captures stunning landscapes and group shots.

Third shooter – 2MP Macro camera🙃

On the downside, the third camera, a 2MP macro lens, is more of a basic placeholder. Its capabilities are modest, capable of producing decent but not exceptional images. While we didn’t extensively test this macro camera due to its apparent placeholder status, it serves a functional role for basic close-up shots.

Redmi Note 13 Camera User Experience and Conclusion: Beyond Budget Expectations

The Redmi Note 13 redefines expectations for an entry-level smartphone, particularly in the realm of photography. Both the main and secondary cameras deliver an unexpectedly impressive experience, elevating this device beyond its budget-friendly status. The 108MP primary camera and the 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens stand out for their remarkable image quality, capturing moments with a level of detail that exceeds typical standards for affordable smartphones.

One of the notable strengths lies in the abundant pixels and enhanced dynamic range, providing users not only with striking shots straight from the device but also with the flexibility to fine-tune and edit their captures. The combination of a wide aperture lens on the main camera and TheiaCel technology on the ultra-wide-angle lens adds an artistic touch, reminiscent of the aesthetics seen in the classic film era.

Despite these strengths, it’s important to note a minor drawback in the form of a 2MP macro camera that feels more like a placeholder. While functional for basic close-up shots, it doesn’t quite match the impressive capabilities of the main and secondary cameras.

In summary, the Redmi Note 13 offers a photography experience that defies its budget-friendly price tag. Users can expect to capture moments with a touch of unexpected excellence, making this smartphone a reliable and surprisingly powerful choice for those seeking impressive camera capabilities without compromising their budget.

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Redmi Note 13


  • Surprisingly good main and secondary camera
  • A lot of pixels and dynamic range for further editing
  • Optic is great resembling classic film era range
  • Still have a place holder macro camera

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