• What it is: NVIDIA and Google Cloud are collaborating to accelerate the development of generative AI applications and services for startups.
  • Benefits for startups: This collaboration provides startups with access to cloud credits, go-to-market support, technical expertise, and other resources to help them bring their AI products to market faster.
  • New AI hardware: Google Cloud is announcing the general availability of A3 Mega virtual machines with double the GPU-to-GPU network bandwidth and Confidential VMs for enhanced security.
  • Future of generative AI: NVIDIA is developing next-generation GPUs based on the NVIDIA Blackwell platform that will be available on Google Cloud in 2025.

In a move to empower startups working on generative AI, NVIDIA and Google Cloud have announced a new collaboration. This partnership aims to streamline the development process and expedite time-to-market for innovative AI applications and services.

A Boon for Aspiring AI Developers

The collaboration brings together the NVIDIA Inception program for startups with the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This combined effort offers startups access to critical resources, including:

  • Cloud credits: Qualified members of NVIDIA Inception can leverage Google Cloud credits, with up to $350,000 available for those focused on AI.
  • Go-to-market support: Both programs offer assistance with navigating the market and bringing products to customers.
  • Technical expertise: Startups will gain access to valuable technical knowledge from both NVIDIA and Google Cloud.

This collaboration extends beyond financial and technical support. Startups can also benefit from:

  • Fast-tracked onboarding to Google Cloud Marketplace: This expedites the process of getting AI products in front of potential customers.
  • Co-marketing and product acceleration support: Both companies will work with startups to amplify their marketing efforts and accelerate product development.

Addressing the Challenges of AI Development

The high costs associated with AI development are a major hurdle for startups. This collaboration directly addresses this challenge by providing access to cloud credits and streamlined development tools.

A Look at the Cutting Edge of Generative AI

The announcement highlights several advancements in generative AI technology, including:

  • The Gemma family of open-source models: Developed by Google DeepMind, these models are optimized to run on NVIDIA GPUs, reducing costs and accelerating innovation.
  • NVIDIA Blackwell-based GPUs: Scheduled for release on Google Cloud in 2025, these next-generation GPUs promise significant performance improvements for AI workloads.

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