• What it is: NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is a new software-defined platform for live media production.
  • Benefits for developers: It simplifies development by using open-source technologies and allows for easier integration of AI.
  • Benefits for broadcasters: It reduces costs associated with traditional hardware-based workflows and enables them to leverage the latest advancements in AI and cloud technologies.
  • Availability: The platform is now available and interested developers can apply for access.

The media landscape is constantly evolving, with viewers demanding more interactive and personalized content. Keeping pace with these demands requires solutions that are flexible and scalable. NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is a new software-defined platform that addresses these challenges by providing developers with the tools they need to easily build and deploy live media applications infused with artificial intelligence (AI).

A New Approach to Development

Holoscan for Media breaks away from traditional hardware-centric workflows. Instead, it leverages an internet protocol (IP)-based, cloud-native architecture that is not constrained by specific devices or locations. This open approach allows developers to integrate cutting-edge technologies and streamline application delivery, ultimately reducing development costs.

One of the biggest hurdles in live media production has been the integration of AI. Holoscan for Media simplifies this process by enabling developers to deploy software-defined video and AI applications on the same platform. This empowers broadcasters to leverage the power of AI to enhance their productions and deliver a more engaging experience for viewers.

Benefits for the Entire Media Ecosystem

A growing number of industry leaders are already adopting Holoscan for Media, including Beamr, Comprimato, Lawo, Media.Monks, Pebble, RED Digital Cinema, Sony Corporation, and Telestream. These partners are leveraging the platform to create innovative new live media solutions.

Experience Holoscan for Media at NAB Show

Explore development on Holoscan for Media and discover applications running on the platform at the Dell Technologies booth. Learn more about NVIDIA’s presence at NAB Show, including details on sessions and demos on generative AI, software-defined broadcast and immersive graphics.

Those interested in learning more about Holoscan for Media are encouraged to visit the Dell Technologies booth at the upcoming NAB Show, taking place April 13-17 in Las Vegas.

Apply for access to NVIDIA Holoscan for Media today.

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