• Automotive Synergy launches MotorCheckUp, a diagnostic tool for vehicle health.
  • Provides accurate engine, gearbox, brake, and power steering analysis.
  • Offers transparency and trust for car owners and service providers.
  • Applicable to various vehicles and industries, with easy record-keeping.

Gone are the days of unreliable car diagnostics. Automotive Synergy, a leading automotive care company, introduces MotorCheckUp, a revolutionary diagnostic tool that provides fast, accurate, and cost-effective vehicle health checks.

Combating a Lack of Transparency

The Malaysian automotive care and used car market has often struggled with transparency. Customers face uncertainty and potential scams due to a lack of reliable service options. MotorCheckUp aims to address this issue by empowering car owners with accurate insights into their vehicles’ health.

Simple and Effective Diagnostics

Engineered in Germany, MotorCheckUp offers a comprehensive internal analysis of a vehicle’s engine, gearbox, brakes, and power steering. It only requires a single drop of fluid from each component. Each sample has a unique QR code linked to a specific test result, accessible anytime for future reference. After submitting the samples, an electronic analysis with the iDiA program generates a detailed report within two minutes.

Benefits for All Stakeholders

Workshops using MotorCheckUp can offer their customers verifiable proof of a vehicle’s condition before repairs or maintenance. Similarly, used car dealerships can ensure customers receive vehicles in top condition, fostering trust and transparency throughout the industry.

Promoting Ethical Practices

“Our goal is to rebuild trust in the automotive sector,” says Ian Sia, Founder of Automotive Synergy. “We want to empower car owners and ensure ethical practices from workshops and dealerships.”

Beyond Cars

MotorCheckUp’s applications extend beyond personal vehicles. It can be used for machinery in diverse industries like agriculture, forestry, and shipping. The unique QR code system allows for permanent record-keeping, simplifying future maintenance needs.

About Automotive Synergy

Automotive Synergy, established 20 years ago, has grown from a satellite navigation company into a leading provider of innovative automotive solutions. They have received international recognition and established export markets worldwide.

Learn More

Visit the Automotive Synergy website to explore MotorCheckUp and their other automotive solutions.

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