• GIGABYTE releases the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD, boasting exceptional performance.
  • Offers up to 14,500 MB/s read speed and 12,700 MB/s write speed with PCIe 5.0 technology.
  • Ideal for demanding tasks like AI applications and high-end gaming.
  • Features data security measures and real-time monitoring with GIGABYTE software.

GIGABYTE Technology, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware, introduces the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD, their fastest solid-state drive yet. This innovative SSD leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver superior performance and stability, making it ideal for demanding applications.

Unprecedented Speed and Stability

The AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD surpasses the limitations of PCIe® 4.0 SSDs, achieving a remarkable performance boost of over 99%. This exceptional speed is fueled by the latest Phison PS5026-E26 12nm process controller and optimized 232-layer 3D-TLC NAND Flash. The drive boasts blazing sequential read speeds of up to 14,500 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 12,700 MB/s. Additionally, the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD incorporates a built-in DDR4 DRAM cache, further accelerating performance for demanding tasks like AI applications and high-end gaming.

Optimized for Next-Gen Systems

To fully harness the potential of the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD, GIGABYTE recommends pairing it with their PCIe® 5.0 motherboards equipped with M.2 heatsinks, such as the X670E AORUS PRO X and Z790 AORUS MASTER X. This combination ensures optimal thermal management and sustained performance.

Data Security and Monitoring

The AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD prioritizes data security with features like AES-256 encryption, TRIM, SMART, and ECC technology. These safeguards protect your valuable data and ensure its integrity. Furthermore, GIGABYTE’s exclusive GCC application offers real-time SSD monitoring. This allows users to track performance, temperature, stability, and overall health of the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD for a comprehensive user experience.

Experience the Cutting Edge

The AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD represents a significant leap forward in storage technology. With its exceptional speed, stability, and data security features, it caters to users who demand the best performance for their PC systems. Visit the GIGABYTE booth at COMPUTEX or their official website for more information:

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