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Despite encountering operational challenges during our testing, the CDSP's ability to enhance audio quality and address inherent issues in earphones positions it as a noteworthy addition to the realm of portable audio accessories.

  • PEQ!
  • Audio quality improvement
  • Experience-breaking bug

Introduction Having embarked on the chi-fi journey for a while, I’ve amassed a diverse collection of earphones—some commendable, others exceptional, and a few that I’d rather not revisit. With a collection of earphones, my exploration extends to related products such as eartips, cables, DSPs, and more.

One such product that caught my attention is the Moondrop CDSP, a relatively unknown offering similar to the Moondrop FreeDSP—a unique DSP series providing direct EQ load, granting users the capability to tailor their EQ settings for personalization or correcting the characteristics of their fitted earphones.

Moondrop CDSP : PEQ for the masses

PEQ customization

With the Moondrop Link app, users gain access to the customization of a 5-band frequency spectrum ranging from 40Hz to 10000Hz, with corresponding gain adjustments from -12dB to +3dB, and qFactor settings ranging from 0.2 to 10.

Users can create their own unique PEQ profile, submit them to Moondrop’s database, and experiment with profiles created by others.

Moondrop CDSP

Moondrop includes four reference EQ settings available for user to start from. Once a profile is downloaded, users can either try it out or apply it to the DSP’s internal memory, ensuring consistent sound across different devices.

Great Concept, Buggy Experience

Moondrop CDSP

However, during our testing, the process of applying PEQ proved to be less than smooth. Applying the official treble head EQ profile at times resulted in the DSP becoming unresponsive. Despite multiple attempts to rectify the issue by unplugging, relaunching the app, and reapplying the same profile. Recovery only occurred when the reference profile was reapplied, albeit after a few attempts.

Another peculiar bug surfaced when moving between between Tidal and YouTube would cause audio distortion or complete disconnection. Again, resolving this required reapplying the reference profile.

Moondrop CDSP Audio Quality: Nothing Less Than Impressive

We compare the CDSP’s reference profile and compare it to the Moondrop Chu 2 with its bundled cable. There is an immediate difference in audio quality were noticeable. However, the audio quality Is not between good or bad, the Chu 2 sound excellent as it is, but with the Moondrop CDSP, it sounds better.

Moondrop CDSP

The bass exhibited a fuller and sharper attack, the mid-range of the Chu 2, less spectacular on its own, now became more balanced and vibrant with the CDSP. In audio emphasizing vocals, a hint of reverberation became evident, and in higher-toned audio, occasional signs of sibilance were observed.

Moondrop CDSP

Despite these nuances, the CDSP’s PEQ functionality allows users to address reverberation and sibilance issues, making the Moondrop FreeDSP and CDSP attractive options capable of enhancing any earphone fitted onto them and correcting inherent shortcomings.

Comparing with FreeDSP

There is not a lot of information available about the 2 models standing up against each other. We scour the webs and build this list ourselves.

40Hz to 10000HzFrequency Range40Hz to 10000Hz
-12db to +3dbGain-12db to +3db
0.2 to 10Q Factor0.2 to 10
Litz structure high-purity oxygen-free copper with silver platingCable4N Oxygen-free copper cable
0.78 2pinSocket0.78 2pin
Sweat-resistant and high-permeability PVCExterior coverPVC
29.90 USDPrice14.99 USD

Moondrop CDSP Conclusion

Moondrop CDSP

In conclusion, the Moondrop CDSP emerges as a compelling option for users in search of a customizable audio experience through PEQ adjustments.

Moondrop CDSP

Despite encountering operational challenges during our testing, the CDSP’s ability to enhance audio quality and address inherent issues in earphones positions it as a noteworthy addition to the audio experience. As the chi-fi market evolves, the Moondrop CDSP stands out as a viable choice for audiophiles aiming to fine-tune their listening experience.

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