• AI and IoT Dominance: A Kaspersky study unveils that a majority of APAC companies have embraced AI and IoT technologies.
  • Cybersecurity Challenges: With increased adoption, AI and IoT face cyber threats, prompting concerns about their protection.
  • Less-Adopted Technologies: Technologies like AR/VR and 6G, though less prevalent, pose higher cybersecurity challenges.
  • Expert Recommendations: Kaspersky suggests addressing the skills gap and enhancing cybersecurity measures for businesses incorporating AI and IoT.

A recent study by Kaspersky has unveiled that a significant majority of companies in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) into their business operations. The widespread adoption raises cybersecurity challenges, emphasizing the need for robust solutions.

AI and IoT Integration on the Rise

The study discloses that 61% and 64% of companies in APAC have already implemented AI and IoT, respectively. Furthermore, 28% and 26% are in the planning phase to adopt these technologies within the next two years. This surge in interconnected technologies brings increased data capabilities and automation, transforming enterprises but also introduces new risks.

Examining Interconnected Technologies

Kaspersky’s survey, titled ‘Connecting the future of business,’ delves into the perceptions of 560 senior IT security leaders from various regions, including APAC. The study explores opinions on AI, IoT, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 6G, Web 3.0, and data spaces – technologies shaping the future of businesses.

Challenges in Cybersecurity

As AI and IoT become more prevalent, the study notes that these technologies are susceptible to cyber threats. Approximately 13-14% of organizations in the region find AI and IoT protection ‘very difficult’ or ‘extremely difficult,’ with only 6% of AI users and 10% of IoT owners confident in their full protection. Notably, less-adopted technologies, such as AR/VR and 6G, pose higher cybersecurity challenges.

Expert Insights and Recommendations

Ivan Vassunov

Adrian Hia, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky, highlights the importance of addressing the existing skills and knowledge gap in cybersecurity, considering the vulnerabilities introduced by interconnected technologies. Ivan Vassunov, VP, Corporate Products at Kaspersky, suggests enhancing cybersecurity measures for enterprises incorporating AI and IoT, emphasizing the use of Container Security and Extended Detection and Response solutions.

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