One thing I really liked about HUAWEI laptops is the HUAWEI Share feature which enabled a very seamless integration between laptops and smartphones. Now, Intel will be offering that sort of integration to more devices, with Intel Unison. And yes, it works with iPhones as well, unlike Microsoft’s Phone Link.

Work seamlessly across your phone and laptop with Intel Unison

Intel Unison

The main benefits of Intel Unison are already pretty familiar to HUAWEI Share or Link to MyASUS users. Essentially what you get to do with Intel Unison are:

  • Wireless file transfers
  • Make and receive calls with access to the full contact list on your smartphone
  • See and reply to text messages
  • Keep abreast with your notifications on your smartphone

Being able to do all of that on your laptop screen is a pretty huge boon to improve your productivity, as you no longer have to keep switching between devices, which can really impact your workflow.

Intel Unison is the product of Intel’s acquisition of Screenovate, providing users with a more seamless multi-device experience. However, it seems that Intel has yet to enable the screen mirroring feature that they showcased back in CES 2022, which I would say is probably my favorite feature in Link to MyASUS and HUAWEI Multi-Screen Collaboration.

Intel Unison image

In any case, Intel Unison will be available on selected Intel Evo laptops based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors from Acer, HP and Lenovo this year. So I guess no luck for ASUS or HUAWEI users? 13th Gen Intel Core-based designs will follow early next year. Intel has committed to evolving the technology with additional form factors, functionality and operating systems in the future. Now, just give me screen mirroring and we Gucci, Intel.

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