Well, it was good while it lasted. Intel Processor will be the new branding for the entry-level processors that would fall under the Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium lineups. This is apparently a move to streamline their offerings, with the singular Intel Processor branding set to cover the entry-level notebook product stack, instead of the split between Celeron and Pentium brands.

Intel Processor instead of Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium

Intel has reassured everyone that the new brand name will not affect existing products, nor the segment of products it covers. I guess it’s good that Intel is dropping the Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium brands as they have gone from being cutting edge back in their day, to becoming the butt of jokes among hardware enthusiasts recently.

Intel Processor 12th Gen Intel Core

In any case, they aren’t changing the name of their flagship brands like Intel Core, Intel Evo and Intel vPro, which are what most enthusiasts are interested in. I guess the only time the new branding can make things difficult is that you can no longer go up to someone and say you want an Intel processor, without them getting confused whether you are looking for Intel processors in general, or the new entry-level Intel Processor lineup.

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