The 14th Gen Intel Core processors, codenamed Meteor Lake, was supposed to be a huge step forward for Intel processors. Intel was set to adopt a new tile-based architecture, combining a CPU tile manufactured on the Intel 4 process with a GPU tile manufactured on TSMC’s N3 node. According to previous roadmaps, we should see Meteor Lake in 2023, although it seems that there are some setbacks.

This is also reportedly not the first time Intel has pushed Meteor Lake back. Mass production was originally set for the second half of 2022, before getting pushed back to the first half of 2023. However it seems that Intel has spotted more issues, and is now pushing it back even further to the second half of 2023. Intel is allegedly cancelling most of their booked TSMC N3 capacity, owing to these delays.

Intel Meteor Lake Foveros 14th gen intel core

With all that said, this is in contrast to Intel’s previous attempt to drum up confidence in 14th Gen Intel Core series, reportedly having booted Meteor Lake across several operating systems. Hopefully the rumors of delays are unfounded, and that we will have Meteor Lake on time, as falling behind schedule can severely impact the business, with AMD being so aggressive at the moment.

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