Well, we definitely spoke too soon. While Ambank has pretty much all but confirmed that they are working with Apple Pay, it seems that Maybank has done the same. Both banks have since removed their landing pages detailing their Apple Pay services at the time of writing, but I guess after Ambank did it, Maybank didn’t want to feel left out?

Maybank went a little further by listing out the cards that can be used with Apple Pay, with Lowyat.net managing to snapshot everything before the site was taken offline. Most of Maybank’s cards will be supported, with the exception of Maybank’s AMEX and Maybank Corporate Cards.


However, as mentioned previously, the current iOS version does not support Apple Pay in Malaysia just yet, so you will have to stay tuned for an update before it will be available for use in Malaysia. As of now, you can’t add your cards to the Wallet app just yet.

UPDATE: You can now add Malaysian credit cards to the Wallet app now!

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