Ambank has apparently just let loose that Apple Pay is now in Malaysia. Currently it seems that it will be exclusive to AmBank users, which might be somewhat of a disappointment for many people. With Maybank, the most popular bank in Malaysia, is currently working exclusively with Samsung for Samsung Pay, I wonder if Apple will work with other local banks to bring their payment method to more users.

But I digress. As it stands, Apple users in Malaysia can soon use their iPhones or Apple Watch to pay for their goods and services, as long as the terminal supports EMV contactless payment. This should include most terminals, as just about every payment terminal feature the technology nowadays.

Apple Pay visual

Among the benefits that Apple Pay will bring to Malaysians aside from the fact that they can soon leave their wallets behind is that there will apparently be no credit limit for Apple Pay transactions. This is quite a stark difference from the usual PayWave limit of RM250 per transaction.

Apple Pay is currently visible an option for Apple users to pay on the Shopee app as well. However, according to SoyaCincau, you can’t actually use it just yet. You are still unable add a card to the Wallet right now in Malaysia as of iOS 15.6, although the next update should fix that. As of now, the list of countries where Apple Pay is supported has yet to be updated to include Malaysia.

UPDATE: You can now add Malaysian credit cards to the Wallet app now!

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