HyperX Cloud Alpha S


- Gaming with this headphone is great, as it focused on gaming - Sturdy headphones with almost no chance of breaking - Would buy solely for gaming

What's Good
  • 7.1 surround sound is good for gaming.
  • Good spatial sound experience is great for spatial awareness.
  • Overall a good headset for gaming.
What's Not
  • Bass adjustment sliders can make the sound quality drop drastically.
  • Not meant for music listening.
  • The dongle works for Android, so why not make it USB C?


We had reviewed the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless, now is time to look into another model the HyperX Cloud Alpha S, a wired gaming headset with an unique bass release mechanism.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Features

  • HyperX 7.1 Surround sound
  • Bass adjustment sliders
  • HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers
  • Game and chat balance
  • Signature HyperX Comfort
  • Durable Aluminum frame


  • My first impression is just how sturdy the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is. It has a bit of weight to it and the headband can be bent until it’s almost straight without any visible damage.
  • The aluminium frame that holds the earcup is really sturdy and cannot be bent out of shape in any way.
  • On the left earcup there’s the HyperX logo, while over on the right earcup we have the Diablo logo, as this is the Diablo Immortal version. Also on the right earcup, there’s the 3.5mm jack for connecting to Macs.
  • An interesting thing about the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is the bass adjustment sliders on both sides of the earcups. You can adjust the amount of bass you get by simply sliding them.
  • The padding is really soft, thanks to memory foam ear cushions which provide great comfort.
  • The detachable mic included can be bent easily to move it closer or further from your mouth.
  • The USB Audio Control Mixer has 6 buttons on it: volume control, mic mute button, 7.1 surround sound button, and game/chat balancing buttons.


  • HyperX claims that the Cloud Alpha S’s frequency response ranges from 13Hz – 27kHz, which is quite wide compared to regular headsets that range from 20Hz-20kHz. It is understood that HyperX tuned the headphone to have a wider frequency response to better recreate footsteps, giving you an edge in FPS titles.
  • Rated at 65 Ω, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S ranks among the higher impedance headphones out there. With this higher-than-usual impedance, it delivers a better sound experience overall, versus your average headphones which are usually rated at around 32 Ω.


  • Again… OMG, the official download portal led you to the Microsoft Store, who uses Microsoft Store?
  • Over here you can control the volume, mic sensitivity, mic monitoring, 7.1 surround sound with an option of auto-optimization, and a unique game-chat balance feature.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S User experience

  • Generally the treble overpowers the bass, which is quite rare for “gaming-oriented” headphones. Aside from gaming, these are also good for classical music. Overall, the sound is a tad “dry”, and we also have noticeable bass roll off.
  • 7.1 surround sound expanded the sound stage, providing better spatial awareness. With a noticeable focus on the higher frequencies, it brings out distant voices and footsteps that would usually go unheard. On the other hand, this can give the wrong impression on distance as the source ends up feeling closer than it really is.
  • Paired up with the bass adjustments, you can optimize the sound for gaming with reduced bass “cluttering” the sound stage, which is great for gaming, but not so much for music listening.
  • Bass adjustment sliders generally decrease bass by opening up the sound chamber. There are 3 levels of setting, starting at none, some bass release, and 70s cartoonish sound. It is generally quite unpleasant to listen to but might benefit some gamers as it allows you to focus on locating distant sounds.
  • Overall, the microphone provides a better experience than the HyperX Cloud Core Wireless, with clear voice capture without problems like low sensitivity or a muffled voice. The mic was decent enough for a clear con call, as well as an intense session of War Thunder.
  • The leatherette earpads are easy on the ear and combined with the mild clamping force of the headband, the headphone is generally quite comfortable to wear. For long hours of gaming, I can feel the heat build up but generally they remain pleasantly warm, instead of baking my ears.

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Conclusion

  • Gaming with this headphone is great, as it focused on gaming
  • Sturdy headphones with almost no chance of breaking
  • Would buy solely for gaming

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