• Huawei announces winners of the GoPaint Contest held in partnership with Malaysian art institutions.
  • The contest invited students to create digital art using the Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2″ and M-Pencil.
  • Winners were awarded for Best Visual and Best Storytelling categories, with honorable mentions.
  • Huawei highlights its new MatePad 11.5″S PaperMatte Edition with advanced features for creativity.

Malaysian students have made their mark in the Huawei GoPaint Contest, a collaborative effort between Huawei and prestigious Malaysian art institutions – the National Academy of Arts,

Culture and Heritage (ASWARA) and The One Academy. This initiative aimed to empower students to unleash their artistic potential using the technologically advanced Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2″ and the versatile M-Pencil 3rd Generation.

A Platform for Creativity and Innovation

The contest provided a platform for students from both ASWARA and The One Academy to showcase their digital creations on a national and international stage. This aligns with Huawei’s mission to foster innovation and artistic expression through technology in the learning environment.

Exceptional Malaysian Talent Takes Center Stage

The winners impressed the judges with their remarkable creativity and skill, demonstrating the boundless possibilities offered by the Huawei MatePad Pro and M-Pencil. Among the twelve global winners, a remarkable six hailed from Malaysia.

Childlike Curiosity by Shir Liz Hoo

Best Visual Award: Hoo Shir Liz, a student at The One Academy, captivated the judges with her piece titled “Childlike Curiosity,” securing the Best Visual award. Her artwork stood out for its exceptional composition, vibrant colors, and intricate details, exemplifying the artistic potential of the Huawei technology.

The Lively City by Raduan Norudin

Best Storytelling Award: The evocative piece “The Lively City” by Raduan Norudin earned him the Best Storytelling award. This artwork beautifully narrates a tale of urban life and community spirit through stunning digital art.

The Graceful Lions
by Haryati Mohd Ehsan

The contest also recognized several honorable mentions, including “The Graceful Lions” by Haryati Mohd Ehsan, “Cultural Inheritance” by Pang Hui Ying, “Perempuan Melayu Terakhir” by Nur Nadhilah Batrishya Bt. Suhaili, and “Inspiration” by Nurul Husna Binti Mokhtar.

Institutions Praise Huawei’s Commitment to Nurturing Talent

by Nurul Husna Binti Mokhtar

Both ASWARA and The One Academy expressed their appreciation for Huawei’s support. Prof. Ts. Dr. Khairul Azril Ismail, Deputy Rector of Academic ASWARA, highlighted the company’s commitment to nurturing young talent and providing cutting-edge tools that inspire artistic expression.

Cultural Inheritance
 by Pang Hui Ying

The One Academy Chairman, Mr Tatsun Hoi, echoed these sentiments. He emphasized the transformative experience for students, who can now combine their artistic foundation with technology to create stunning digital artworks.

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir
by Nur Nadhilah Batrishya Bt. Suhaili

Beyond the Contest: Huawei Unveils Innovative MatePad 11.5″S PaperMatte Edition

Huawei’s focus extends beyond the GoPaint Contest. Their latest release, the HUAWEI MatePad 11.5″S PaperMatte Edition, goes beyond replicating a PC experience. This innovative tablet boasts Huawei’s advanced PaperMatte Display technology, transforming how users interact with digital content.

Key Features of the MatePad 11.5″S PaperMatte Edition

  • Vivid, paper-like display
  • Natural pen-on-paper writing experience with the M-Pencil (featuring NearLink technology)
  • Smooth, detailed touch interface
  • HUAWEI GoPaint app for an immersive digital painting experience
  • HUAWEI Notes for paperless creation and expression

The HUAWEI MatePad 11.5″S PaperMatte Edition empowers users to create and express themselves in new ways, solidifying Huawei’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation.

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