• ASUS IoT Launches New Industrial Motherboards and Edge AI Computers with Intel Core (14th Gen) Processors for Diverse Industrial Applications.

ASUS IoT, a global AIoT solution provider, announces the release of its latest industrial motherboards and edge AI computers, powered by the advanced Intel Core (14th gen) processors. This innovative lineup offers superior computing performance, enhanced power efficiency, and accelerated connectivity, catering to a wide array of industrial applications.

Supreme Computing Performance Across Form Factors

The new industrial motherboards and edge AI computers boast powerful multitasking capabilities. Their versatile form factors make them suitable for various industrial applications such as retail, medical, manufacturing, machine learning, and AI-inferencing fields.

Enhanced Power Efficiency and Accelerated Connectivity

A standout feature is the support for DDR5 memory, providing 50% faster transfer speeds and 8% improved power efficiency compared to DDR4. The double-speed PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 ensures faster data transfer and expandability, meeting the demands of modern industrial applications.

Vivid Graphics and Robust Security Features

The integrated Intel UHD Graphics technology supports up to 8K60 HDR video and multiple 4K60 displays, making these solutions ideal for retail, healthcare, and AI in smart factories. Security is prioritized with features like Boot Guard, Platform Trust Technology, AES-NI, and VT, ensuring protection against cyber threats in critical applications.

Accelerated Connectivity for Industrial Environments

ASUS IoT industrial motherboards support WiFi 7, offering speeds up to 5 Gbps for improved connectivity in healthcare, supply-chain management, smart city controls, and industrial use. This accelerated connectivity ensures seamless communication and data transfer in demanding industrial environments.

Diverse Form Factors and Advanced AI Capabilities

ASUS IoT’s product lineup includes industrial motherboards and single-board computers (SBCs) in various form factors, from ATX and microATX to Mini-ITX and thin Mini-ITX modules. Models like ASUS IoT R680EA-IM-A, Q670EA-IM-A, H610A-IM-A, H610T-EM-A, and more provide options for different industrial needs. Edge AI computers such as PE4000G and PE6000G offer advanced AI capabilities for industrial applications.

For more information about ASUS IoT’s latest industrial motherboards and edge AI computers, please visit the ASUS IoT industrial motherboards website.

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