Versatile and powerful, Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot perfectly caters to your needs with eight specialized cooking features that offer diverse and practical cooking skills – bringing more possibilities to help prepare any dish. Integrating 35 functions in 1 machine15, this master chef is compact in size and allows you to efficiently use your kitchen space. For a brand-new cooking experience, the robot includes over 200 chefs’ recipes built in for you to cook and explore delicious food from all over the world, all of which can be viewed clearly with the 8” large touch screen.

Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot comes equipped with a high-power switched reluctance motor, with a rotation speed ranging from 40rpm to 12,000rpm, capable of smart cooking from stir frying to grinding. Additionally, the independently developed CookingIoT algorithm allows for precise and automatic cooking, intelligently calculating cooking temperatures, time and stirring speed for each dish – converting the culinary experience of a chef in real life into an AI cooking curve, which can be continuously upgraded online.

Equipped with 3D induction heating, the robot makes cooking more thorough with less kitchen smoke. The main pot is made of stainless steel and structured with 3 layers, making it both durable and efficient on heat performance, and has a curved base with a wide neck for smoother stir-fry and more even heat distribution. It also includes a range of multi-purpose accessories for creative cooking, including a steamer and steamer shelf, liquid catch tray, measuring cup, mesh basket, whisk and more.  

This Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot is available now at the price of  RM4,599. Available at authorized Xiaomi stores and other official retailers in Malaysia, and on official Xiaomi stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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