Xiaomi’s popular robot vacuum series is now made available in Malaysia with the latest models. With new and improved features and functions, the new robot vacuums offer a wider range of performance, catering to the different needs of Malaysians. Now, everyone can enjoy a clean and comfortable space.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10 is the extreme cleaning device with hands-free dust collection that can store up to 60 full cleans. The vacuum also features 4,000Pa powerful fan blower suction, advanced LDS navigation and can clean up to 3 hours continuously with its 5,200mAh long-lasting battery.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10+ features dual-pad pressure mopping for better stains removal; core performance upgrade with stronger 4,000Pa fan blower suction and longer battery of 5,200mAh for cleaning up to 2 hours; and comes with 3D obstacle avoidance and LSD laser navigation system for precise navigation.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 features a 4,000Pa fan blower suction to vacuum all kind of dirt; Zigzag and Y-shape cleaning routes for maximum cleaning efficiency; smart water tank to protect floors from water damage; and intelligent laser navigation – with raised LDS sensor with 360-degree detection range enabling precise positioning, accurate distance measurements and better performance – and offers custom mapping functions.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10 is the versatile floor cleaning expert that effectively cleans in one pass. It comes equipped with 4,000Pa fan blower suction, multi-directional assisted cleaning, intelligent path cleaning and combination of multiple sensors.

This Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is available now at the price of RM2199 (X10), RM3799 (X10+), RM1,299 (S10), RM2099 (S10+), & RM899 (E10). Available at authorized Xiaomi stores and other official retailers in Malaysia, and on official Xiaomi stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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