As we are testing the Redmi Note 13, we got curious with the announcement of the incoming major changes it will have, the HyperOS. Set to replace the aging MIUI, the HyperOS signifies a shift towards an interconnected device ecosystem.

Based on Android and the Xiaomi Vela IoT platform, HyperOS is poised to transcend the boundaries of traditional operating systems. The OS will offer seamless integration across a multitude of devices similar to Huawei’s Harmony OS.

Designed to adapt to the dynamic tech environment, where a singular-purpose computer is becoming obsolete, HyperOS thrives on fostering an organic environment of IoT devices.

What to Expect:

Support Across Multiple Platforms:

HyperOS caters to a diverse range of devices, including smartphones, smart cars, and various AIoT (AI of Things) devices.

Seamless Communication between Platforms:

Facilitating native communication between devices, it ensures a fluid and interconnected user experience.

Simplified Development Process:

With a cross-platform translator, developers can write a single set of codes, applicable across different devices, streamlining the development process.

Enhanced Security Measures:

Adhering to TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) OS-level security, ensuring a robust defense against potential threats.

Efficient Resource Optimization:

Developed with an understanding of potential usage on devices with limited resources, it is optimized performance for efficient resource utilization.

Ecosystem Growth:

HyperOS fosters an environment of growth by making its core components open source, encouraging developers to contribute to and expand the ecosystem.

Pipeline of HyperOS Release

Xiaomi has released few official timelines about the date of HyperOS release, which is different for few countries.

Already AvailableQ1 2024 (Malaysia)Q2 2024 (India)
Xiaomi 13 Ultra
Xiaomi 13 Pro
Xiaomi 13
Xiaomi Pad 6
Xiaomi 13T Pro Xiaomi 13T
Redmi Note 13 Pro +
Redmi Note 13 Pro
Redmi Note 13
Redmi Note 12 Pro +
Redmi Note 12 Pro
Redmi Note 12 Redmi Note 12S
Xiaomi 11 Ultra
Xiaomi 11T Pro
Mi 11X
Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge
Xiaomi 11 Lite
Xiaomi 11i
Mi 10
Xiaomi Pad 5
Redmi 13C Series
Redmi 12
Redmi Note 11 Series
Redmi 11 Prime 5G
Redmi K50i

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