• Toshiba introduces REGZA Engine ZRi, a revolutionary technology for immersive home entertainment, combining AI features for audio and visual enhancements.

Toshiba, a pioneer in the realm of visual and audio technologies, has dedicated years of resources and expertise to crafting diverse profiles for different viewing situations. Whether it’s tuning the audio for lower bass during a jazz performance or enhancing contrast for a cinematic experience, Toshiba has amassed a collection of profiles that seamlessly adapt to the content being played on their TVs. The linchpin behind this innovation is the REGZA Engine.

REGZA Engine – Heart of Toshiba TV

Developed by Toshiba, the REGZA Engine serves as the mastermind behind selecting and implementing these profiles using sophisticated algorithms. It handles a myriad of advanced functions, including upscaling lower-resolution content, generating in-between frames for high frame rate scenarios, noise reduction, motion processing, and more.

Additionally, it undertakes fundamental tasks such as housing the TV’s operating system, decoding audio and visual signals, and processing voice commands, acting as the central processing unit that orchestrates the TV’s major functionalities.

REGZA Engine ZRi – Beyond Hard Coded Algorithm

In 2023, Toshiba unveiled its latest innovation – the REGZA Engine ZRi. Taking a leap forward, this advanced engine integrates machine learning AI to optimize its processing capabilities. Equipped with a built-in wave radar, it goes beyond conventional audio calibration. It not only considers room size and wall distance but also factors in the viewer’s position, ensuring a consistently immersive audio experience.

REGZA Engine

On the visual front, the engine introduces AI upscaling, marking a departure from traditional methods. Unlike common upscaling that relies on the image at the present moment, the ZRi traces back the video editing process and recording method, recreating a true-to-life visual experience.

REGZA Engine

Calibration profiles are no longer applied rigidly through hard-coded algorithms; instead, they are intelligently calculated by AI based on the scene and the room environment.

REGZA Engine

REGZA ZRi – Toshiba’s Statement for futures TV

REGZA Engine

In essence, the REGZA Engine ZRi represents a revolutionary leap in 2023. The integration of machine learning algorithms automatically optimizes both picture and sound based on the content being watched and the viewer’s environment, delivering an unparalleled and immersive viewing experience. Toshiba’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology continues with the REGZA Engine ZRi, setting a new standard for home entertainment.

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