• Soundcore launches new generation open ear earbuds AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i.

Soundcore, a premium audio brand under Anker Innovations, unveils its first open ear earbuds: the AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i. These earbuds prioritize comfort and audio quality while maintaining environmental awareness.

Introducing the AeroFit Lineup

Soundcore introduces the AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i open ear earbuds to cater to the rising demand for this style of earphones. Designed to allow users to remain aware of their surroundings while enjoying music, podcasts, or videos, these earbuds are particularly beneficial for outdoor activities like running and cycling.

Maximum Comfort and Durability

The AeroFit Pro and AeroFit models feature a non-intrusive design with a soft-touch coating for comfort. They utilize aerospace-grade titanium wire for a secure fit, tested for durability and certified by SGS. The AeroFit Pro offers additional security with a detachable neckband, while the V30i prioritizes lightweight comfort.

Exceptional Sound Quality

Equipped with oversized drivers and BassUp technology, the AeroFit Pro and AeroFit deliver high-quality audio across all frequencies. The V30i, on the other hand, features directional acoustic systems and Bass technology for a satisfying bass experience.

Natural Audio Transparency

The open-ear design of the AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i allows for natural situational awareness, enhancing safety during activities like cycling or walking. This feature ensures users can remain connected to their surroundings while enjoying their favorite content.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

The AeroFit and AeroFit Pro offer extended battery life, with the AeroFit Pro lasting up to 46 hours with its charging case. The V30i provides 12 hours of playtime and fast-charging technology for on-the-go usage.

Additional Features

All models feature four microphones for clear calls, Bluetooth 5.3 with multi-point connectivity, and customization options via the Soundcore app. The AeroFit Pro offers IPX5 water resistance, while the AeroFit is IPX7 rated with SweatGuard technology.

Price and Availability

The AeroFit Pro is priced at RM 799.00, the AeroFit at RM 499.00, and the V30i at RM 299.00. Additionally, the AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone and eufy Edge Security Starter Kit are also introduced, offering advanced audio and home security solutions.

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