Roborock, the global leader in ultra-intelligent home robotics, is gearing up for an exciting flash sale on 10 October, offering fantastic deals and free gifts on their popular products. You can find these deals on Shopee and Lazada.

Roborock Dyad Pro Combo

One of the highlights is the newly launched Roborock Dyad Pro Combo. This versatile wet-dry vacuum can transform into a handheld vacuum with the help of four additional attachments. It boasts a powerful suction of 17,000 and can clean with precision, getting as close as 1 mm from edges and corners. What’s more, it automatically adjusts cleaning power, water flow, and dispenses cleaning solution. The Dyad Pro Combo even features a self-cleaning system that cleans the roller brushes and dries them with 50℃ hot air.

The Dyad Pro Combo is priced at RM 2,899. To celebrate its launch, Roborock is offering incredible deals from 10 to 14 October on Shopee and from 10 to 13 October on Lazada. During this period, you can snag the Dyad Pro Combo for just RM 2,499 and receive a complimentary iCook Green Multicooker worth RM 599.90.

Roborock Q8 Max

But that’s not all! The Roborock Q8 Max is available at a special price of only RM1,899 (RRP RM2,199). If you purchase the Q8 Max from 10 to 14 October on Shopee or from 10 to 13 October on Lazada, you can add just RM9.90 to your cart and take home the iCook Blue Multicooker valued at RM 599.90.

Other Promotions

Roborock is also offering discounts on other popular products during this sale, including the S8 Pro Ultra at RM 5,299 (RRP RM 5,599), S8 at RM 2,499 (RRP RM 2,699), Q Revo at RM 3,388 (RRP RM 3,599), and Dyad Pro at RM 2,199 (RRP RM 2,399).

ModelRRPPromotional Price
Dyad Pro ComboRM 2,899RM 2,499
Q8 MaxRM 2,199RM 1,899
S8 Pro UltraRM 5,599RM 5,299
S8RM 2,699RM 2,499
Q RevoRM 3,599RM 3,388
Dyad ProRM 2,399RM 2,199

For early birds, the first 30 customers who purchase the S8 Pro Ultra via Roborock’s official store on Shopee and Lazada can take home a Bread Maker worth RM599.90 for just an additional RM5.99. Similarly, the first 30 customers who purchase the Q Revo will receive an iCook Blue Multicooker worth RM599.90 with just an additional RM9.99.

The Roborock 10.10 Sale kicks off at 12 am on 10 October. Don’t miss out on these amazing deals!

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