Luno, Malaysia’s leading regulated digital asset exchange, expands on its ‘Move with Luno’ campaign by travelling to different locations across the country! Through the campaign, Luno aims to empower Malaysians to build their understanding of digital assets and investing as part of financial literacy and will use education to dispel common misconceptions around cryptocurrencies.

Ross Stephenson, Luno Community & Education Lead, explaining the activations to members of the public

The activities include 3 different stations, each with different challenges for attendees, from a cycling and resilience challenge, to a bosu jump Q&A, to a dodgeball multiple-choice question. Participants will have to complete all stations and win different prizes upon completion, staying fit whilst simultaneously learning about cryptocurrencies!

Participants engaging with the different Move with Luno stations

The Luno truck activation started on November 4, with its first destination landing in Johor, then moving onto Pahang and Kedah the week after. For those interested in participating in the upcoming Luno truck activations, stay tuned to the following locations:

To find out more information, you can find refer to Luno Official Facebook Page.

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