It seems that someone was benching the Intel Core i7-13700HX on Geekbench without disabling the Internet connection. Now, it’s pretty much a given that the 13th Gen Intel Core processors are coming to laptops, but I honestly was expecting the HX-series to be a one-off thing, like Tiger Lake H35. In any case, it seems like Intel is going to give laptop gamers the desktop version of their Raptor Lake CPUs, just like they did with Alder Lake.

Intel Core i7-13700HX: 16-core, 24-thread, 5GHz boost?

Intel Core i7-13700HX

According to the Geekbench listing, the Core i7-13700HX will boast a total of 16-cores, eight Raptor Cove “P-cores” and eight Gracemont “E-cores”. The boost clocks will apparently go up to the haloed 5GHz mark, with base clocks of 2.1GHz. This matches the configuration of last-gen’s Core i9-12950HX, but it is also worth mentioning that the Core i9-12950HX came with Golden Cove cores, which has lower IPC and efficiency than the 13th Gen Intel Core’s Raptor Cove cores.

As such, the Core i7-13700HX comes out on top of the Core i9-12950HX in both single-core and multi-core benchmarks. In case you missed it, the Core i9-13900HX has also been leaked previously, with a 24-core, 32-thread configuration, just like the desktop 13th Gen Intel Core i9 parts. These processors will most likely end up in desktop replacement offerings like the ROG Strix SCAR or MSI GT Titan series, the Razer Blade 18 or Lenovo Legion laptop, as leaked above.

The leaks are coming in hard and strong right now, but we should get our first proper looks at 13th Gen Intel Core-powered machines at CES 2023. Are you looking for a new desktop replacement laptop?

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