Melgeek, a leading manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, announces its official entry into the Malaysian market with the launch of the Cyber 01 keyboard. Supported by Sun Cycle Malaysia as the exclusive distributor, Melgeek establishes its presence with a headquarters in Malaysia.

Introducing Cyber 01: Melgeek’s First Custom Gaming Keyboard

Today marks the debut of Cyber 01, Melgeek’s inaugural venture into custom gaming mechanical keyboards. Featuring Gateron Magnetic Switches, the Cyber 01 allows users to customize actuation points for varying levels of output.

Advanced Features

With a precision of 0.1mm, Cyber 01 offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting key presses and releases, surpassing traditional high-refresh rate mechanical keyboards.

Experience seamless key presses mid-motion, without the need to surpass fixed reset or actuation points, ensuring uninterrupted speed and precision.

Customize keys to execute multiple actions with a single press, enhancing gaming performance like never before.

Melgeek Product Line and Pricing

Melgeek aims to provide cost-effective mechanical keyboards and peripherals to the community. The official prices for Melgeek products in Malaysia are as follows:

  • Mojo68: Plastic – RM 839, Pigeon/Rose – RM 829
  • Mojo84: RM 899 (all colors)
  • MelGeek Pixel: RM 1199
  • Modern97: RM 589

We would like to thank Zen the Geek for providing information about this event.

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