Kuala Lumpur, November 2, 2023 – Kingston Technology, a renowned name in memory products and tech solutions, proudly retains its top spot as the world’s leading third-party DRAM module supplier. This recognition comes from the latest revenue rankings by TrendForce, a respected analyst firm. Kingston’s position at number 1 is supported by an impressive 78.12% market share, accompanied by revenue of $13.5 billion (USD). Remarkably, Kingston has held this global leader title for two decades.

The Year in Review

In 2022, DRAM module sales encountered a 4.6% year-on-year decline throughout the industry, as noted by TrendForce. Kingston’s revenue also saw a slight dip; however, the company managed to preserve its top position for the 20th consecutive year. This resilience underscores Kingston’s dominance in the market and its unwavering significance in the tech industry.

Market Dominance

The report highlights that the top five memory module providers worldwide contributed to 90% of total sales in 2022. Kingston, with its robust brand presence and a comprehensive product supply chain, maintained its strong market share of 78.12%. Despite inflation impacting consumer electronics purchases, Kingston’s ability to cater to diverse consumer preferences played a pivotal role in keeping it atop the market share rankings.

Kingston’s DRAM market share

Global memory module suppliers rankings by revenue, 2022
RankCompany nameShare
1Kingston Technology78.12%
3ADATA Technology3.33%
6SMART Modular Technologies2.23%
7Patriot Memory0.93%
9Team Group0.76%
10Apacer Technology0.70%

Kingston’s SSD market share

Global top 10 SSD module makers by market share for channel market SSD, 2021
RankCompany nameShare
1Kingston Technology26%

Innovation and Adaptability

In 2022, Kingston further strengthened its position by introducing a fresh look for its award-winning Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules. The addition of white heat spreaders to these modules empowers users to select the color that suits their individual style. This enhancement aligns with the trend of meticulously designed systems, catering to both traditional all-black and the fast-growing all-white PC systems.

Kingston’s response to the 2022 findings from TrendForce reflects not only the company’s expansion but also its adaptability amidst a challenging business landscape. The 20th consecutive year at the top of the industry reinforces Kingston’s resilience and enduring presence.

For additional information, please visit kingston.com.

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