Huawei, at MWC Barcelona 2024, receives the GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards 2024 – Industry Collaborator Award for outstanding contributions to innovation in areas like green telecom networks and 5G New Calling.

In a noteworthy achievement at MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei is honored with the GSMA Foundry Excellence Awards 2024 – Industry Collaborator Award. Richard Cockle, the Head of GSMA Foundry, presented the award to Huawei for its significant contributions to innovation in various domains throughout the last year. The accolades specifically recognized Huawei’s endeavors in the realms of green telecom networks and 5G New Calling. Dr. Philip Song, CMO of Huawei’s Carrier Business, and Leo Ma, President of Cloud Core Network Marketing, received the award on behalf of Huawei.

Key Innovations Recognized

In the year 2023, Huawei actively participated in several GSMA Foundry innovation projects, collaborating with numerous industry partners. Projects like “Towards Green: Doing More with Less” and “5G New Calling” saw industry leaders unite to develop new case studies and white papers. The projects aimed to address shared challenges within the industry through online summits hosted by GSMA Foundry.

Green Development Solutions

A standout achievement resulting from this collaboration is Huawei’s 1-2-3 green development solution for green communication networks. This solution simplifies energy-saving scenarios and architectural solutions, providing valuable tools for the telecom industry to achieve net-zero emissions. It allows operators to go green while expanding their networks and service offerings simultaneously.

Voice Services Innovation

Another significant outcome of this collaboration is Huawei’s 1+3+N solution for voice services. This innovation brings forth new capabilities for IMS networks, including a New Calling Platform (NCP), Unified Media Function (UMF), and Multimodal Communications Function (MCF). These capabilities support various New Calling services, enhancing audio-video quality, interactive experiences, and intelligent operations.

GSMA Foundry’s Role

GSMA Foundry serves as a platform for cross-industry collaboration, fostering business development and unlocking the value of connectivity. Huawei, a longstanding supporter of this platform, aims to promote green development in the telecom industry and ensure the commercial success of 5G. The commitment includes ongoing innovation based on user and operator network needs.

Future Endeavors

MWC Barcelona 2024 witnessed Huawei’s showcase of the latest products and solutions, emphasizing its commitment to intelligent digital transformation. With the 2024 commercial launch of 5.5G, Huawei collaborates globally to drive innovation in networks, cloud, and intelligence, ushering in a new era for intelligent digital transformation.

For more information, visit Huawei’s MWC2024 page.

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