I, a 36-year-old male, have stage 2 hypertension. I live my life in a constant struggle to control my blood pressure, avoiding most situations that would spike it. This way of life, while maintaining my physical health, has a significant impact on my mental health. More often than not, I felt blind because I didn’t have easy access to accurate blood pressure readings, which put me in constant fear of overshooting my blood pressure.

Hypertension Stage 1

I realise that having accurate blood pressure readings is essential for monitoring overall health and wellness. Spiked high blood pressure can indicate a variety of conditions, and it can be a sign of more serious medical issues such as a heart attack or stroke for me.

Before blood pressure watches were available, I had to use a home blood pressure measurer. It is convenient not having to visit a clinic to get a blood pressure reading, but when I’m outside, I often resort to a mere “how I’m feeling now,” or in an emergency, I would seek help from a client or pharmacy.

Huawei Watch D Overview

When I realised smart watches can be a reliable way to measure blood pressure, I reached out to Huawei to request a sample of the Huawei Watch D. Officially registered with KKM Malaysia as a wrist blood pressure monitor, the Huawei Watch D is a watch designed to provide accurate readings of blood pressure, ECG, heart rates, and other functions.

ECG function

The watch has a smaller, ractangle-like body but a thick wrist band, and below it is a cuff. The watch measures blood pressure by using air pumped into the cuff to measure the pressure of blood passing through the veins.

The overall design radiates a sense of durability and seriousness, fitting for working adults who take their health and style seriously.

How it change my tracking behavior

The Huawei Watch D allows me to track my BP readings over time so I can make lifestyle or medication adjustments if necessary. Taking blood pressure medications at the right time is crucial, and taking them at the wrong time would carry a lot of risk. As the Watch D gives me  blood pressure readings on demand, it has provided me with peace of mind concerning my medication intake.

Furthermore, as the Huawei Watch D blood pressure readings are in real-time, they provide up-to-date information on my health and provide warning when the reading goes too far. This is critical in emergency situations, as I can quickly determine the severity of the situation and take the necessary steps to address it.

My plan for the Huawei Watch D

Huawei Watch D

In conclusion, I look forward to spending more time with the Huawei Watch D. Being able to measure blood pressure is an invaluable tool for tracking and monitoring your health. I’ve noticed how much less mental strain there is after only a few days of use; I no longer have to rely on feeling to track my blood pressure, and I can avoid costly visits to the doctor’s office and make informed decisions about my health, such as when to take medications. 

Huawei Watch D

In the coming weeks, as I recover from my high blood pressure, I plan to use the Huawei Watch D extensively, comparing it to other blood pressure devices and finally seeking a doctor’s opinion on the device. This will give us a clear idea of how well the watch performs. Stay tuned for our full review of the Huawei Watch D.

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