• Cutting-edge Solutions: Huawei introduces digital intelligent solutions, leveraging AI for unprecedented advancements.
  • Green Networks: Intelligent Connectivity Integration accelerates the development of eco-friendly networks, optimizing power supply.
  • Efficient Operations: AI-driven Intelligent Operations transform O&M from network-centric to service-centric, improving fault response and service impact evaluation.
  • Enhanced User Experience: SmartCare and Intelligent Digital Service focus on building optimal NPS networks, delivering superior network performance, and enabling rapid service innovation.

Bruce Xun, President of Huawei’s Global Technical Service Dept, announced the launch of Huawei’s digital intelligent solutions in the ICT services & software field during the Huawei Product & Solution Launch at MWC Barcelona 2024. These advancements, including Intelligent Connectivity Integration and SmartCare, harness new AI technology to foster growth and accelerate digital intelligence.

Revolutionizing Connectivity and Green Networks

The Intelligent Connectivity Integration solution focuses on accelerating the development of green target networks. By utilizing AI-based energy scheduling algorithms, it addresses challenges in scenarios with poor or no grid, optimizing power supply from diverse sources like solar energy and diesel generators. This approach reduces traffic losses, lowers fuel consumption, and paves the way for new revenue streams.

Building Diverse Computing Centers

Intelligent IT Integration aims to construct diverse computing centers, enhancing efficiency through collaborative planning and integration of computing, storage, and networks. The use of L1 & L2 full-stack liquid cooling and AI-based temperature optimization significantly improves energy efficiency, achieving an ultimate PUE of 1.15.

Transforming Operations with Digital Twins

Intelligent Operations, driven by AI and network digital twin, shifts the O&M mode from network-centric to service-centric. In scenarios like MBB O&M, AI-based simulation evaluates faulty sites’ impact on users, prioritizes high-impact sites, and automates service compensation. The new mode extends to FTTx O&M scenarios, offering high-precision topology restoration to locate fault root causes swiftly.

SmartCare for Enhanced Network Performance

SmartCare involves building a Spatio-Temporal digital twin, associating geographical, network, experience, and satisfaction data. Coupled with new AI technology, it assists carriers in developing the best NPS network, delivering optimal network performance, and user experience.

Intelligent Digital Service for Rapid Innovation

The Intelligent Digital Service introduces a convergent billing system empowered by generative AI, reducing the time to market for new tariffs. AICC’s intelligent response enhances semantic understanding, improving self-service closure ratio. The new system also supports ToB resell, micro-financial product launches, and offers an open platform with low-code capability for quick ecosystem partner access.

Huawei Learning for Talent Development

Under Huawei Learning, systematic talent development services focus on cultivating new digital intelligent talents. The training emphasizes skills required in the intelligence era, ensuring a workforce ready for the transformations ahead.

Embracing the AI Era and New Technologies

Mr. Bruce Xun emphasized that digital intelligence transformation targets resolving long-standing issues and creating tangible business value through new technology adoption. Huawei ICT Services & Software remain committed to creating new value through innovation and practices.

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