At the MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei proudly accepted the GSMA GLOMO award for “Best Network Software Breakthrough” in acknowledgment of its revolutionary RAN Digital Twin System (RDTS). Embedded within its IntelligentRAN, RDTS showcases Huawei’s commitment to advancing software solutions, aligning with customer needs and propelling global wireless networks toward digital, intelligent transformation.

Huawei RDTS Garners Prestigious GSMA GLOMO Award

The GSMA judging panel commended Huawei’s IntelligentRAN for introducing digital twins into wireless networks, empowering 5.5G native intelligence. This approach supports operators in minimizing CAPEX and OPEX while enhancing operational efficiency continually.

Huawei Wireless Solution, in collaboration with AUTIN, has pioneered RDTS, utilizing the intelligent three-layer architecture of IntelligentRAN. This innovative system creates a comprehensive twin for RAN environments and network dynamic mechanism models. This capability enables wireless networks to achieve millisecond-level sensing, precise trend prediction, and multi-objective decision-making, forming a robust foundation for autonomous networks (AN) L4 of intelligent wireless solutions.

Building on RDTS, Huawei unveiled the wireless AN L4 solution, leading the industry in various aspects:

  1. Intelligent Service Operation (iLiveStreaming and WTTx Suite 2.0):
    • Ensures first-rate toC and toH service experiences using service-level digital twins.
    • Enables a shift from traffic-based to experience-driven monetization models for operators.
  2. Intelligent Network Optimization (iPowerStar):
    • Achieves optimal performance and energy-saving, an industry-first.
    • Implements in-depth energy-saving and on-demand orchestration of policies, resulting in a 35% energy-saving rate without compromising stable user experience.
  3. Simplified O&M (iKeyEvent):
    • Provides key event assurance based on site-level digital twins.
    • Attains industry-first capabilities in predicting network faults, ensuring zero network faults and user complaints during key events.

Expressing gratitude for the GSMA award, Ma Hongbo, President of Huawei’s Wireless MAE Product Line, highlighted the recognition’s significance in showcasing technical leadership and business value. He emphasized Huawei’s ongoing commitment to customer-driven technical innovations and collaborative efforts to advance intelligent architecture.

The Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) by GSMA, established in 1996, recognizes outstanding contributions to the mobile communications industry. It serves as the highest honor, focusing on innovative technologies and products.

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