• Hisense launches “BEYOND GLORY” campaign for UEFA EURO 2024™.
  • Manuel Neuer, star goalkeeper, joins as brand ambassador.
  • The campaign celebrates the shared pursuit of excellence between elite athletes and Hisense’s commitment to innovation.
  • Hisense aims to deliver the ultimate viewing experience with cutting-edge TVs and home appliances.

Hisense, a global home appliance leader, has launched its “BEYOND GLORY” campaign for UEFA EURO 2024™. The campaign features Manuel Neuer, the acclaimed German goalkeeper and captain of FC Bayern Munich, as its official brand ambassador.

Shared Passion for Excellence

The “BEYOND GLORY” campaign celebrates the unwavering dedication to excellence that elite footballers, like Neuer striving for EURO glory, and Hisense, a company constantly pushing boundaries in the home appliance industry, share.

Just as goalkeepers act as the team’s last line of defense, Hisense positions itself as a dependable force, consistently delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality.

Manuel Neuer, the five-time winner of the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) “World’s Best Goalkeeper” award, expressed his enthusiasm: “I’m thrilled to be a brand ambassador for Hisense’s ‘BEYOND GLORY’ UEFA EURO 2024™ campaign. I eagerly anticipate the EUROs, the ultimate challenge for Europe’s top footballers.”

Elevating Everyday Life Through Innovation

The campaign underscores Hisense’s commitment to surpassing its own boundaries. With a long-term technological vision, the company aspires to ambitious goals and relentlessly pursues pioneering technology of unmatched quality, all aimed at enhancing daily life.

As an official partner of UEFA EURO 2024™ and a leader in display technology, Hisense aims to deliver the ultimate game-watching experience and smart living solutions through its cutting-edge TVs and home appliances.

Aligning with a Dependable Leader

Bob Wang, General Manager of Hisense International Marketing Department, commented, “We’re honored to have Manuel as our UEFA EURO 2024™ brand ambassador. He perfectly embodies our new campaign. A goalkeeper is the team’s pillar of reliability, always there to ensure success. At Hisense, we share this commitment to dependability, striving to improve our customers’ lives with innovative and reliable technology.”

This marks Hisense’s third consecutive UEFA EURO sponsorship, providing a significant opportunity to connect with global consumers and establish brand continuity.

“We constantly strive to enhance the quality and experience of everyday living,” Wang concluded. “By collaborating with Manuel, we look forward to offering fans worldwide an unparalleled UEFA EURO 2024™ experience.”

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